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Video Ideas: The Radio Show

Yet another video marketing idea for you here. This one is called the “Radio Show.” Now I’m not talking about you starting an official radio show like the example I am going to show you below. But the idea of speaking in front of a mic in a radio style format… and having that filmed is a style that is very intriguing to YouTube viewers and something you can definitely leverage as an Online Marketer. I’ll explain more details below the video:

This is a short snippet from the Colin Cowherd show on ESPN. Colin is known for his radical opinions in sports and for his ability to cover pretty much all major sports.

1. Talking in front of the mic: this takes a unique skill that you can develop over time. You don’t necessarily need a radio voice, but you do need the ability to speak clearly and eloquently. You also need a good mic so that the sound is very clear on your video.

2. News Oriented: this is a perfect video strategy for news oriented material. I recommend printing off the news stories that you want to cover so you can read directly from them instead of staring at a computer screen. Notice how Colin reads portions of the article while throwing in his opinion every 20 or 30 seconds.

3. Speak To People In The Room: notice how whenever Colin Cowherd looks up from his notes he doesn’t look straight into the camera, rather he looks beyond the camera in different directions. This is because in his show he’s actually looking at a) his show director on one end of the room and b) his media guy on the other end. Have a couple people help you out for your show. Talking to them will help you forget that you are recording an actual show which will help you speak MUCH more naturally.

4. One Angle: notice how in this clip there is just 1 camera with 1 angle looking straight at Colin. The more cameras and angles the better. But the point that I wanted to communicate to you is that with this type of content you can get away with just 1 camera and 1 angle just fine.

5. The ESPN Menu: notice the menu about 1/4 from the bottom of the screen that shows the viewer what topic is currently being discussed. This is SUPER IMPORTANT! Have your own menu edited in that keeps the user knowing what it is you are discussing.

I hope my notes on this strategy help. To be honest I think this is one of the better strategies for video marketing out there if it’s done right. It allows you to create 2 types of content in 1 shot. A video and a podcast!