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Simple Open Source Contact Manager

Simple Customer is an open source, lightweight, easy to use and easy to modify contact manager built in PHP and MySQL. The idea of it as it appears to me is to be  a very simple solution for managing contacts, customers, clients or whatever you want to call them.  Due to the lightweight nature of this application, it’s very responsive online and makes it worth using because of how quickly you can add, edit, delete, and add notes to each one of your contacts. Here is a screenshot of this free open source application:

Why Would I Use This?

For many people, a full featured CRM like Sugar or Vtiger is completely unnecessary. Many of us, me included need nothing more than to keep the basic contact information for my customers and notes on that customer. That’s it. Anything more is just way too much than I am willing to work with. I have been looking for a long time a contact manager that is Open Source that is quick and easy to use, and that doesn’t take so long to use each time a page loads. So if you are looking for a small, simple, open source contact manager built in PHP, and something that you may want to edit for yourself than check out the Simple Customer project.