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Video Ideas: Responding via Video

A great video marketing idea you are seeing more and more of these days is the Video Response. The idea is basically this… instead of responding/commenting to an email, conversation, another video on YouTube or an Article or Blog; create a video with your response and post it on YouTube. Below is a great example of this from Justin Seeley.

This is a fantastic strategy for creating high quality video content and getting more exposure. Here are a few other tips that make this strategy so awesome.

- Notice how simple the above video was. The presenter, a camera, a white backdrop, a mic, and the editing in of some screenshots. That’s it! Simple yet powerful because of the power of Justin’s response to the idea of Social Media killing productivity.

- Take a Stance. Have an Opinion: this is super important. Take a one-sided and intelligent view of the topic. Don’t dance around it… agree a little here, disagree a little there. If you’re going to respond to something make you let everyone know where you stand. Your opinion can be powerful!

- Generating Comments and Buzz: this type of video content tends to create the most amount of comments. But beware, not all comments are going to be positive! People are known to get a little nasty on YouTube so have some “thick skin.” If you’re not getting some backlash from the YouTube community… you’re probably not trying hard enough to succeed on YouTube.

- Create a Video Response Link: when viewing a YouTube video you will notice that when you go to leave a comment you are given 2 options. 1) you can post a contextual response or 2) you can publish a video response. This slick little option will give you the opportunity of having more “eyeballs” see your video since it will now show up inside the comment thread. Expect WAY more exposure from new viewers if you leverage this tool in YouTube.