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SEO: Why Targeting Long-Tail Keywords May Be Your Key to Success

Choosing keywords for a website is among the first steps in arranging the building blocks for a solid and successful SEO campaign. While the overall and primary strategy may be to target shorter keywords that are frequently searched for, these fields are much more competitive and achieving a high ranking for them in search engines is no simple task. On the other hand, broadening the campaign to target long-tail keywords for SEO purposes can be much more effective because there is less competition, a higher conversion rate and the overall return on investment is greater.

Use Long-Tail Keywords to Target a Specific Audience

Websites that have targeted long-tail keyword phrases often hold more credibility with Internet users and have higher conversion rates because the site is optimized for those who are searching for specific information, products or services. By targeting the specific keywords and phrases that people are actually using, website owners can effectively deliver the right information to the right audience for a mutually beneficial interaction. Remember, this goes along with the #1 rule of content writing: always write for the audience.

Smart SEO Strategy for New Websites

Creating content using long tail keywords is a great starting point in the SEO campaign of a new website. Achieving high rankings in a competitive field is an overwhelming task for new websites and can take years to obtain, but credibility can be reached sooner by using long-tail keywords to build trust and authority on the Internet. As a websites credibility and reputation grows, the site will naturally expand to include short tail keyword phrases.

Use Long-Tail Keywords to Boost Profits

For websites that are selling products, targeting long-tail keywords for SEO can be very effective in increasing sales and profitability. For example, someone searching the Internet for ceramic turquoise coffee mugshas likely already researched the product and is in the decision-making phase. A website that has targeted this keyword phrase and ranked on the first page of Google has the best chance of earning the business and less competition to fight.

Although targeting long-tail keywords can be both profitable and beneficial for online websites, this isn’t to say that short-tail or broad keywords should be avoided entirely. Rather, the ideal SEO strategy is to find the perfect middle-ground that balances both long-tail and short-tail keywords. As with any industry, achieving success requires a dedication of time and hard work, but adopting smart SEO strategies now can prove valuable in the long-term perspective. Ultimately, success will often come down to keyword research. Choosing the right keywords is arguably among the most critical factors in determining a website’s SEO success. Taking extra time out at the beginning of the campaign to talk to people and conduct keyword research can go a long way in ensuring that the most profitable and effective keyword phrases are chosen for the website.

Juliet is an SEO consultant at the search engine optimisation agency, Search Factory, in Brisbane, Australia. Juliet has worked for several seo companies in the past, and knows the value that long-tail keyword strategies can bring to a client’s campaign.