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Lead Form Landing Page Inspiration Part I

Landing page’s for products are one thing. Landing pages that collect leads through some type of lead form are a completely different ball game. In this first part of 3 series, I show you 5 landing pages with an emphasis on collecting leads and the details behind each form. Here you see Internet Marketing professionals at the top of their game.

Lead Form Landing Page Inspiration Part II

Lead Form Landing Page Inspiration Part III

1. Full Sail

Notice the little magazine image right above the lead form? This is genius. Gives the user the sense that they are actually getting something tangible by requesting free information. Right below the form they have an incentive for a free MacBook. To the left of that is a customer testimonial which is always powerful. Content on the left is broken up nicely in order to make reading easy and to pull out main points.

2. ADT

Major price call to action with a phone number at the top of the page. A strategically used image of a family with their child. This page does a great job of popping out to you the fact that you can get a $99 special if you act now. Other than the sticky note which is kind of random, this landing page has many great qualities. One last thing to note is that the lead form is actually below the main body of content. Not something always recommended, but it could work depending on the situation like with this form.

3. Care One Credit

This landing page is a very clean, miminal style landing page. Some cool things on display here are the video to the left of the lead form, the MSNBC and TIME brands just below the video, and a really powerful tagline above the form titled ‘Will Debt Consolidation Help?’ Add to that a BBB, Verisign secured, and Truste labels below the form and you have a high converting machine.

4. Omniture

Is it any wonder why Omniture has so many clients? Omniture does a fantastic job of sucking you into their lead form with this fantastic, simple, and clean landing page. Omniture uses 6 bullet points and some clever use of words to give you the big picture of what Omniture can do for you. The message is simple and clear. Fill out the lead form and you will get access to a bunch of materials to help you learn more about Omniture. Genius!

5. Vertical Response

This landing page is one of my personal favorites. Something about it just feels inviting doesn’t it? This page is so effective for Vertical Response, they even have a captcha on the lead form in order to keep out any spam. When’s the last time you saw that on an actual lead form? Great use of testimonial. Great use of an image of a woman portraying a business owner. And the links just below the main image interact with a javascript slider that changes the image and content. Pretty cool huh?

What are your thoughts? Have any landing pages you think should be on here? Stay tuned for part II coming soon.