Installing Drupal on Hostgator

There are essentially 2 different options for installing the Drupal content management system on your HostGator webhosting account. The first is to install it the super easy way using the “Fantastico” tool that HostGator provides. The second is the typical install that requires a little more expertise. Here are step-by-step instructions for both of them. If you have not yet setup your Hostgator server click here.

Option 1: Fantastico (easy) Install Instructions

The following are instructions for installing the Drupal CMS on a Hostgator shared hosting account the simple and easy way using the very handy Fantastico tool from Hostgator. With just a few clicks of a button you will be on your way to setting up your very own Drupal CMS. Needed materials include a web browser, and access to your Hostgator control panel.

1. Login to your Control Panel. Then locate the ‘Fantastico’ icon located under Software/Services. Click on it.


2. On the left hand menu select the Drupal link to begin installing the Drupal CMS. The link is located under the Content Management category.


3. Now click on the New Installation link to begin the installation process


4. Select the domain name from the dropdown menu of where you want your Drupal CMS to reside. So if you are setting up this Drupal site for then make sure that you select it from the dropdown. Then make sure to fill out the rest of the settings to meet your preferences.


5. Click on the install button

6. Click on the ‘finish installation’ button

7. Fill in your email address so that Fantastico can send you the details of your Drupal installation to your email inbox


8. That’s it! If you check your email you will see a new email from Fantastico that gives you direct links to your new Drupal site and to the admin screen. You are also presented with your username and password so that you can login.

You now within literally a minute or two have a working Drupal CMS on your HostGator webhosting account. Congrats! If by chance you do run through any problems read through the instructions again. If that doesn’t help feel free to email me at

Option 2: Advanced Install Instructions

The following are instructions for installing the Drupal CMS on a HostGator shared hosting account. Needed materials include the Drupal files, an FTP client, a web browser, and access to your HostGator account control panel.

1. Downoad the latest Drupal Package from


2. Unzip and upload the contents of the Drupal package to your directory of choice. I like to use Filezilla as my FTP client to help me connect to my HostGator server and upload all the files to it.


3. In your control panel, create a MySQL database for Drupal


4. Create a Database User, then assign the user to your new database


5. Run the Drupal installation script by pointing your web browser to the base URL of your website. (e.g.


6. Duplicate the file ‘default.settings.php’ and create ‘settings.php’ inside /sites/default directory as explained by Drupal when you begin the wizard.


7. You now need to go back to your Control Panel, and locate the php.ini QuickConfig button under Software/Services on your Cpanel main page. Click on it, then click turn the register_globals to ‘off’.



7. Go back to your browser and go through the Drupal installation wizard. Be sure to enter the correct database name, user, and password that you just setup in your control panel. Be sure to keep the host setting as ‘localhost’.


8. You are now taken to a second page on the Drupal installation wizard. Fill out all the information it asks for according to your preferences. These include the site name, site email address, the admin’s username, the admin’s email, and the admin’s password. Then click the save and continue button.


That’s it. You now have successfully installed the Drupal CMS on your HostGator web hosting server. If you run into any problems along the process…please leave a comment so I can look into it.