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How To Get WP-O-Matic to Work With Yahoo Pipes!

If you are using the WP-O-Matic plugin for WordPress for importing content via RSS feeds, and you are wanting to use Yahoo Pipes to create a customized RSS feed or RSS mashup with WP-O-Matic you are going to run into a bug that will prevent you from getting anywhere. But don’t worry there is a fix! The problem that people are running into is that when they setup their campaign inside WP-O-Matic, the plugin is not actually retrieving any articles when you “fetch” for them. The Yahoo Pipes RSS feed just keeps coming up as “0 Posts Fetched”. But we know our RSS feed works correctly so what is the deal?

Here’s The Fix!

After your campaign is all setup and you have entered in your Yahoo Pipes RSS feed through the WP-O-Matic management interface, go check out your campaign_feed table in your MySQL database. In my case I just use PHPmyAdmin to browse to the table. Browse through the table and find your campaign that you just setup for Yahoo Pipes. You will notice that there are some unneccesary characters that have been added to your RSS url. And this is precisely what is causing the issue. In my case this is what my Yahoo Pipes URL looks like…


And this is what it looked like in the database when I checked it out…


Notice the extra characters “amp;” after the “&” in the url. All you need to do is go in and change that in your database inside your campaign_feed table and you are good to go!!! Go back and “fetch”  your campaign with WP-O-Matic and the plugin will start fetching in all the articles from your Yahoo Pipes feed! It’s a small fix for now which most likely will be fixed sometime soon by the plugin developer. But in the meantime for all you who are impatient like me this is how you get the job done!