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Posting Gravity Forms Data to a 3rd Party

You gotta love Gravity Forms! Far and away the best form builder plugin for WordPress, I don’t think anyone is arguing this. Maybe the best PHP script form builder you can find. Easy to use, tons of functionality, easy to integrate and leverage inside WordPress. There are so many reasons to love Gravity Forms. Too many for me to want to get into in this post.

But there is one very important feature that Gravity Forms currently doesn’t have “out of the box.” That feature is…

The ability to easily post form data to a 3rd party service or database.

You would think that with all the complexity Gravity Forms is able to handle, that it would give you simple control over a) where the data is posted and b) what the name of your input fields should be. But these two things Gravity Forms does not handle very well, unless of course you’re a PHP master in which case you probably didn’t need Gravity Forms in the first place.

But there is a workaround, and that’s what I’m going to quickly walk you through today.

Forms: 3rd Party Integration Plugin for WordPress

This plugin is get’s the task done with ease so you don’t have to hack away at any code. All you have to do is throw the plugin into your /plugins directory, activate the plugin, then modify a few settings. Let me show you a screenshot of what one of my 3rd party integrations looks like.



There are 3 key parts to your setup. First is the Submission URL. This is of course the URL of the destination where you are wanting to send your form data. Second is the Attach to Forms part where you select your Gravity Form that you created. I called mine “Main.”

Last is the most important part where you actually Map Gravity Forms fields to the field names that the 3rd party requires. Since Gravity Forms doesn’t give you the control of changing your Input field names, you need to map them instead. This is how you do that.

Once you’re done mapping you’re ready to go. Test your form and push it live! It’s that easy!