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Will Google Crack Down on Guest Posting?

This recent video from the Google Webmaster team and Matt Cutts about Guest Posting has the SEO industry buzzing right now. Take a look and I’ll share with you my thoughts below the video:

1. Don’t Article spin: this is an obvious “no-no” in SEO and especially shouldn’t be done for guest posting. Stay away from spun articles and you’ll be fine.

2. Check Quality Before Posting: if you are posting somebody else’s guest post… take a couple of minutes and read it over first before publishing. Make sure the quality of the content meets your standards. Not doing this could affect your blog as a whole with Google.

3. Create the Highest Quality Content Possible for Guest Posts: before I send a guest post off to a blogger I simply ask myself this question… “is this blog post something I would share on my personal Facebook wall?” If the answer is yes than it has passed my quality test. Create high quality stuff. Don’t be a spammer just for a link and create your high quality standard.

4. Don’t Run From Your Guest Posting Strategy: I repeat… don’t run! Don’t let Matt Cutts and the Google Webmaster team scare you from Guest Posting. Guest Posting is a fantastic SEO strategy. It works and will be working for a long time. Just make sure you constantly focus on the “quality” and only work with bloggers who do the same.

And since we’re talking about Guest Posting… let me share a few cool services I rely on in my SEO efforts.

1. MyBlogGuest: check out my profile here. Great service for connecting with guest bloggers.

2. GuestPostWriter.com: a guest posting service that I use from time to time. Super high quality content and they get the articles published as well!

3. GuestPostGirl.com: another service just like the one mentioned above. A little cheaper and not quite as high of quality… but still very good.