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Five Tips For Writing Eye Catching Blog Posts

Writing eye-catching blog posts is more about treating a selected topic with finesse, than hunting for territory that other writers haven’t covered. Thus, even if you are stuck covering a subject that at first seems absolutely boring and mundane, you can still stun and captivate your readers. You only need to use the right tools to do so. So, without further ado, here are five tips for writing eye-catching blog posts that will push you in the right direction.

Create Imaginative Titles

Your titles should be short, succinct, keyword-rich and hard to pass up. Because of this, you should probably spend more time working on your titles than you do most other parts of your post. As time passes, firing off an appropriate title for any new post will be easy, but as you are just getting started, you must put a lot of thought into this single line.

The average internet reader flits from page to page. It is only when something grabs his or her attention that a larger portion of the mind actually tunes in and attempts to digest the material. This makes the title responsible for a very major job. It must sum up the intent of your work by presenting a problem and solving it. It should also adequately define the content that follows. You certainly don’t want to get a reputation for drawing readers in with big promises and then consistently fail to deliver.

Shock Your Readers

You may have the trying task of attempting to write intriguing copy about tube stocks. Find out what other bloggers in your niche have done and make sure to go in another direction entirely. Rather than writing about how consumers can choose a durable pair of tube sock, let them know what chemicals tube sock fabrics are commonly treated with in the manufacturing process and why they should spend more on higher end products in order to avoid skin irritation.

When you continue to rehash old topics in the same old ways, you provide absolutely nothing of value to your readers. By now, the online consumer has access to limitless articles on choosing the best contractors, car insurance and online retailers. If you make an effort to start thinking outside of the box, you are certain to get more attention from the thinking web users who are really looking for quality and informative content.

Avoid Industry Jargon

Your knowledge of your industry might be unrivaled, but your blog posts are certainly not the place to flaunt this. Doing so can be very off-putting and will even disinterest the many readers who do not share your insights. Rather than using words or terms that only your co-workers will understand, make sure to phrase yourself in a language that any teenager can easily read. You can certainly add colorful flourishes through the use of rhythm and a few flowery phrases, but you must avoid pounding your followers with words that they are not likely to understand.

Use Images

Even well-written and intriguing content must be broken up by a few, carefully chosen images. If you are covering old topics in new ways, make sure that you are not using recycled images from photo hosting sites. Start investing more time in securing graphics and photos that have not already been displayed in tons of articles across the web. In fact, you can even start taking a few photos of your own. Digital cameras make it easy for novice photographers to grab great shots and this can make your blog writing experiences infinitely more fun.

Get Feedback

People love blogs that are interactive. Make sure that you are asking for feedback and that you are actually responding to it. This level of communication is the number one reason why loyal readers keep coming back. Just as your subscribers like paying attention to you, they also like it when you go out of your way to pay attention to them.

It is no longer enough to simply have a blog and update it regularly. You must make sure that you are always supplying your readers with value and giving them something new to think about. With time, the ability to infuse old topics with new life will boost the visibility and appeal of your posts.

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