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Posting Gravity Forms Data to a 3rd Party

You gotta love Gravity Forms! Far and away the best form builder plugin for WordPress, I don’t think anyone is arguing this. Maybe the best PHP script form builder you can find. Easy to use, tons of functionality, easy to integrate and leverage inside WordPress. There are so many reasons to love Gravity Forms. Too many for me to want to get into in this post. But there is one very important feature that Gravity Forms currently doesn’t have “out of the box.” That feature is… The ability to easily post form data to a 3rd party service or database. You would think that with all the complexity Gravity Forms is able to handle, that it would give you simple control over a) where the data is posted and b) what the name of your input fields should be. But these two things Gravity Forms does not handle very well, […]

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13 WordPress Plugins To Help You Get More Comments

Creating more conversations through blog posts is the holy grail of blogging. Bloggers are constantly trying to find more ways to get their readers to interact with them. And while much of this depends on the quality of your writing, there are some technical things that you can do with Wordpress to help you along the way. Here are 13 plugins for Wordpress to help you get more comments.

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Content and Ads For RSS Feeds Only – WordPress Trick

So depending on your blog, audience and purpose you may want to have the ability to display content and/or ads specifically for your RSS feed only. This comes in super-handy, especially because your RSS subscribers are typically among your most loyal followers so you may want to show them content or ads that you think best applies to them specifically. Here are two ways (with code) to accomplish this with WordPress. 1. Insert Ads Across Entire RSS Feed Originally provided by, this snippet of PHP when placed in your functions.php file inside your theme gives you the ability to place a global ad across all posts in your RSS Feed. Just change out what’s in the $content variable to the HTML you want for your ad. 2. Feed Only Content On a Post-By-Post Basis This snippet of code from helps you use your functions.php file to create a […]

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Display Recent Posts Based On The Category Assigned To The Current Post – WordPress Trick

Not sure if that title makes sense or not. Basically the idea is this: you want to display in your sidebar the most recent posts in your blog, but more specifically the most recent posts for a category. And even more specifically than you want it to be dynamic so that it’s always the same category of the current post someone is reading. note: I’m realizing as I’m writing this that this is one of the most difficult WordPress things I have ever tried to explain. Yikes! So to make this happen we need a little PHP. Here’s what I did. In my Sidebar.php file I used this code: As you can see the code is grabbing the category of the current post that is being viewed. It’s then setting up a simple wordpress loop to show the most recent posts with a title and link. You can change the […]

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Review of the Headway WordPress Theme

Headway Themes – Perfect for the design impaired and website virgin. It’s a WordPress plugin that allows you to create fantastic customized themes without a designer or a programmer. Here’s how the Headway Theme works: Quick Start Wizard The visual editor allows you to change your theme directly on your site in real time. You don’t have to be a programmer or a designer to make your site look great on your first attempt. You start by putting your banner image into the Quick Start Wizard. Headway then pulls colors from your banner to incorporate through the rest of your site. Once you’ve decided the colors you want for the key areas of your site and your font format, you’re done with the Quick Start Wizard. It doesn’t get much easier than that. You could be done at this point if you wanted; all the elements you need for a […]

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Gravity Forms: The Best WordPress Plugin For Generating Leads

The Rundown: Create, Publish and Export customized forms. Gravity Forms is pretty fantastic. It’s a form management plugin for WordPress that allows you to drop different elements to create a form to be housed on your website. Yep, it’s that simple. The best part is that you don’t need a designer or programmer to get your form up and rockin’. Gravity Forms is a premium WordPress Plugin that costs $39 for a single site license and $99 for a multi-site license. Create. The Gravity Forms editor is very intuitive and easy to use. Like I said before, you just click the elements you want and it’s added to your form. It’s also easy for you to change the text within the form, customize form fields, switch-up layout and order, etc. The whole process is super user-friendly and only takes a few minutes to actually create, preview, and publish your form. […]

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10 WordPress Plugins That Will Inadvertently Boost Your SEO Efforts

I’m not talking about your common SEO plugin for WordPress. I’ve already covered those in a previous post. I’m talking specifically about plugins that are popular in the WordPress community that unintentionally boost SEO. All 10 plugins that I mention here have 1 thing in common. They accomplish a primary objective, while benefiting SEO as a secondary objective. 1. WordPress Mobile Pack = A Mobile Version Of Your Site/Blog Official WordPress Page While more and more searchers are using mobile devices, Google is having to constantly improve not only search results pages for normal browsers but for Mobile browsers as well. What this means is that if you don’t have a mobile version of your site/blog, you could potentially be missing out on a large percentage of visitors through mobile browsers. Get a mobile version of your site and get higher ranked for organic mobile search results. 2. WP Super […]

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Display Multiple Page Excerpts On a Page – WordPress Trick

So what I’m about to explain to you was so freakin difficult for me to find… I felt it was my duty as a blogger to write a blog post on it so that others could find it more easily. It’s the ability to display multiple Page excerpts and their respective titles on a page in WordPress. Let me give you an example. Recently I was working on one of my websites I wanted the homepage to feature specific Pages (not posts) that I designated as the most important. I needed control over both how many Page excerpts were displayed and what specific Page excerpts were displayed. Here is the code I used to make this happen. I created a Page Template for my page I called “Home” and set it to be my “Front Page” in my WordPress settings. I used this code in my Page Template… All […]

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2 WordPress Hacks That WILL Increase Your Blog Revenue

Let me present a problem to you that many bloggers face. Quite simply put, it’s the ability to maximize advertising and affiliate revenue. There’s still this ridiculous idea that exists in the Internet Marketing industry that blogs can’t convert as well as other forms of web content. This “idea” is simply not true. In fact blogs can be one of the highest conversion rate sources of content if done properly. But here are two specific problems most blogs have: Too many ads all over the page (sidebar, header, within the content etc.) Ads are not relevant to the specific piece of content the visitor is viewing So how do you solve these problems? From a strategic point of view you need to 1) scale back on the amount of ads you have displayed on your blog and 2) begin to get more granular in your targeting between your visitors and […]

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The 4 Most Flexible, Minimal, Functional & Customizable Premium WordPress Themes

Wow! Say that 5 times really fast huh? This is quite possibly the largest title of a blog post I have ever written. Let me explain why. Right now there are 4 major players that provide “design minimal – functionally intense” Premium WordPress Themes. I want to take a minute to highlight these based on 4 major areas of criteria (which make them the best 4 in the market today pound for pound): Customizable = the structure of the design is built in such a way that would allow for any type of blog/website project to utilize it Flexible = the structure of the code is flexible to allow for many different customizations Minimal = design is built around “minimalistic” principles utilizing empty space and the color white Functional = the theme provides a great deal amount of functionality as opposed to just visual design There are other WordPress Themes that classify […]

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10 Steps to Fortify Your WordPress Blog against Hackers

The Onion Method =The Best Method to Protect Your WordPress Blog from Hackers Many people look to that 1 big thing to help them keep their blog safe from hackers. Well I’m here to tell you that there is no 1 thing that can save you. However there is a combination of things that when working together, actually can. I call it the Onion Method to Protecting Your WordPress Blog. 1 layer on its own is hardly anything but multiple layers all working together to form 1 big layer is powerful. So I urge you… instead of looking through these 10 steps and just following 1 or 2 of them, follow all of them instead. You won’t regret it. Take it from someone who has had his blog (this one) hacked 3 times. These are not just 10 steps that I did some form of research on to write some […]

Written on October 7, 2010  /  with 3 comments  /  in the Wordpress Tips category.

The Only 4 WordPress Security Plugins You Need

In order to keep your blog safe from hackers there are really only 4 “Plugins” that you need. Now that doesn’t mean that all you have to do is install these 4 plugins and your blog is completely safe. There are some other things that need to be done along with installing these plugins. Follow these steps (article coming soon) to find out the other things you need to be doing in order to keep your blog protected. But as far as plugins are concerned… these are the 4 that get the job done. Everything else is just wasting your time. 1. Secure WordPress Secure WordPress is maybe the most popular security plugin for WordPress. It accomplishes many of the most important things you need to do to protect your WordPress blog. Here is a specific list of those things. removes error-information on login-page adds index.php plugin-directory (virtual) removes the […]

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5 Most Useful WordPress Mobile Plugins

This site gets a little over 1% of its traffic each month from mobile users. At a glance that number may seem insignificant, but consider the total amount of visitors a site gets each day and that 1% starts to look bigger and bigger. During last year 2009 if you had around 1% of your total traffic come from Mobile Browsers you were basically experiencing the average. Trends indicate that number rising drastically this year 2010 with mobile browsing becoming more and more popular. With that said, if you have a WordPress managed blog and/or site it is actually much easier for you to go “mobile” than you might think to appease this increase in mobile viewership. Here are the top 5 most useful Mobile Plugins for WordPress. 1. WPtouch Official WordPress Plugin Page WPtouch automatically transforms your WordPress blog into an iPhone application-style theme, complete with ajax loading articles […]

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10 Killer WordPress Social Media Plugins

There are dozens of WordPress plugins for Social Media. Too many in fact. One search through the WordPress plugin directory and you will be asking yourself the same question I am asking myself now… why in the world are there so many plugins that do exactly the same thing? Combine that with the dozens of plugins that simply just don’t work and are not compatible with the most recent version of WordPress and you can see now why it’s so frustrating searching through plugins. When you start a dozen or so blogs each month with each project needing some sort of added social media functionality, you end up finding what plugins are actually useful and which are not. With that said I present to you the 10 most useful WordPress Social Media Plugins to date: 1. ShareDaddy Official WordPress Plugin Page Share your posts with Twitter, Facebook, and a host […]

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4 Innovative A/B Testing Plugins for WordPress

A/B testing is the talk of the town these days. Before I ran my first A/B test on one of my affiliate sites I totally did not buy into the hype. But now after seeing the success that comes from testing, I am now a believer. You can literally increase conversions (whatever a conversion to you is whether it be leads, purchases, subscribing to an RSS feed etc.) automatically by simply creating a well thought out test and getting back the data from that test. Where are your lowest hanging fruit? A/B testing can help reveal the answer to this question literally overnight. Google Website Optimizer is a free tool provided by Google for setting up A/B and Multivariate tests. That’s the tool I use for all my testing. A/B testing can be a little tricky if you use a CMS like WordPress and that is why I have created […]

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