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Top 7 Free Applications for Gathering Social Analytics Data

Social Analytics is becoming more and more synonymous with Web Analytics for online publishers and internet marketers. But where can you retrieve Social Analytics data from? Here are 7 free services that you can integrate your website/blog with to get this data. 1. PostRank Analytics PostRank Analytics helps you find out, track, and analyze how “socially engaging” your website is (how much it drives visitors to share it). With PostRank Analytics, you can track both your onsite (blog articles, etc), and your offsite (PDF’s, YouTube videos, MySpace pages, etc) content to see how engaging it is. PostRank provides you with analytics from over 20 of the top social networks (digg, twitter, reddit, delicious, etc). It tracks and rates visitors’ different activities that they do with your content like comments, tweets, diggs, rss views, and more. It then gives each “event” a different number of points, depending on the level of effort each […]

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7 Free Tools For Improving Conversion Rates

7 free web applications that can help you improve your website conversion rates. Don’t worry… expensive tools like Omniture’s Test & Target are not your only resources for CRO. 1. ClueApp Are visitors to your site not performing the actions you want them to perform? That might be because those actions just aren’t standing out enough! ClueApp is a tool that lets you create a “memory test” for your website to see what things visitors notice/remember from your site. This is a great way to see what things are standing out to your visitors, as well as what impression they’re getting from your site. It can help with conversions by seeing if your call-to-orders/products are highly noticeable or not, or if the actions that you are wanting people to perform are standing out to visitors. ClueApp works by showing a 5-second screen shot to visitors, then asking them what they […]

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A Common Sense Review of the Unbounce Landing Page Platform

WordPress + Dreamweaver + Google Website Optimizer = Awesome Sound cool? Yeah, you bet it does. For those who still aren’t convinced, let me show you why people like you and me need Unbounce: I am a Marketer. Like most marketers, I am constantly trying to think of new ways to improve my landing pages. A/B testing is essential in this process. Unbounce allows you to set up A/B tests and optimize your landing pages for your specific audience without having to call IT. Not only will you improve conversion, you’ll also have data to back you up; it’s all about the numbers. Access your test stats in real-time and make real-time adjustments to your pages. They’ve made the whole process incredibly simple. You can check out their tutorials to see what I mean. Seriously, anyone can use this tool effectively and efficiently. Here is a snapshot of their A/B […]

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Social Analytics For Bloggers Part I

8 Metrics You Should Track + The 1 Tool That Get’s The Job Done The purpose of Social Analytics in blogging is to track the Engagement power (or lack thereof) of your blog. It’s all about combining the typical Web Analytics data such as visits, pageviews, bounce rate etc. with data from Social Media sites such as how many retweets and Facebook likes. If you are reading this post I’m going to assume that you are already aware of the importance Social Media has on blogging. It’s critical to say the least. Without it your super-awesome blog posts are like having a Aston Martin but no gasoline to drive it. Your blog posts are not given the “fuel” necessary to get “out there” if you will. This is why Internet Marketers are always talking about how important their social media campaigns are. So enough of the small talk. Let’s get into this […]

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Popular Sites Using Google Website Optimizer

In an ongoing effort to help people realize the value in using the FREE Website Optimizer tool from Google, I’m compiling a list of popular sites/companies utilizing Website Optimizer. These companies see value in using this tool and so should we. The concept of A/B Testing is by no means a new thing. But the tools available to us from Google are and they create a new horizon of opportunity for our websites. So far I have found 10 popular websites using Google Website Optimizer. I plan on adding to this list weekly. If you have any that you know of please leave a comment below and I will add them to the list. 1. MailChimp 2. SquareSpace 3. ZenDesk 4. Dreamhost 5. 6. 1-800 Flowers 7. Outrigger Hotels & Resorts 8. Famous Footwear 9. Western Governors University 10. FYI: I found this by simply viewing the source […]

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8 Important Functions of the Google Webmaster Tools

One of the most powerful tools for SEO is the suite called Webmaster Tools provided by Google. Thanks to this tool we have some serious transparency between us and the biggest search engine in the world. Lets take a look at 8 specific ways Google Webmaster Central helps you in your SEO efforts. Google Webmaster Central if used correctly can give you a unique in-depth look into how your website performs organically with the Google Search Engine. Also note… this article is a section in my Free SEO Ebook called the SEO Blackbook. 1. See Exactly Where You Rank in Google Organically It’s through Google Webmaster Central where Google returns to you data pertaining to specific keywords and phrases that you rank for and what exactly your rank is. Rather than having to manually check all the time, you can rely on this tool to report back to you more […]

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Google Analytics 101 – The Analytics Guide for Bloggers

Web Analytics is one of the most important elements of effective blogging. It’s so much more complicated than just looking at how many visits your blog has received today or this month. Google Analytics is the free web analytics platform offered by Google. With it you get instant access to hundreds of different kinds of metrics and information about the visitors to your blog(s). Information that if used correctly, can give you powerful insights . With Google Analytics being free and available to anyone, we all have powerful data about our websites right at our fingertips at all times. But it’s how we look at and interpret this data that can make or break our online blogging campaigns. Throughout this year I will cover various topics to help you take full advantage of this amazing free analytics tool offered to us all by Google. 4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know […]

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5 Custom Google Analytics Reports for Blogs

Are you familiar with the Custom Reports feature in Google Analytics? If you are not here is a great introduction for you to help you understand the perks of it and what you can do with it inside of Google Analytics. If you are familiar with GA Custom Reports, you will know that you can leverage this tool to help better streamline your Analytics reports and further see the things you need to see to improve your sites performance. There are several things you can use the Custom Reports feature for. This article from the Google Analytics Blog further dives into these uses. In this article I want to walk you through the 5 custom reports I use for this blog and others that I manage, to get data quickly and efficiency as it specifically applies to my blogging efforts. With each report explanation I have included 2-3 screen shots. […]

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10 Google Analytics Dashboard Widget Reports for Bloggers

Assuming you already use Google Analytics for web analytics data on your blog (can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be) I have a quick tip that I want to walk you through that will help you save time when pulling reports from Google Analytics. When you view your blog’s reports in Google Analytics, you are first taken to your Dashboard as it’s called. I am going to quickly walk you through how to customize your dashboard and 10 specific reports to add to it that every blogger should be looking at on a daily basis. First let me explain how you add a Report Widget to your dashboard. Step 1 = Go to your preferred report Step 2 = Click the “Add to Dashboard” button located in the upper left-hand corner of your report. This image screen-shot gives you an ideas of what I’m talking about. Get it? You can actually […]

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Google Analytics Tip: Understanding Your Blog’s Following

Been using Google Analytics a lot lately and thought I would share with you a quick tip on some data I like to look at often for measuring progress on my blogs. As you are aware one of the most important standards we hold ourselves by as Bloggers is that “following” factor. How big is our following? Traditionally this has been measured by the number of total RSS subscribers we have. While this can be a telling metric, it’s not the only measurement to look at when measuring your Blog’s true following. That’s where the Returning Visitors metric comes into play. It’s easy to analyze this data in Google Analytics. Let me break it down for you. Segmenting All Visits vs. Returning Visitors One of my favorite features inside Google Analytics is the quick and easy ability to create segments of your data on the fly. This is important when […]

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8 Google Analytics Reports For Improving SEO

Web Analytics for SEO can be a completely different animal than other traffic sources. You want to know what keywords are performing well on your site. You want to know what search engines are giving you the best converting traffic. You want to know what keywords you should be going after more aggressively. When the right data is researched, you can increase your SEO abilities ten fold. Look at the right data and well…let’s just say you can’t afford to look at the wrong data. I wanted to quickly show you the 8 Google Analytics reports I rely on to help me with SEO. 1. Search Engine Organic Report Google Analytics allows you to create segments in your data using the Advanced Segments tool. One of those segments you want to create (which will help you for all of these reports I am going to explain to you) is an […]

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Google Applications + Your Website = Improved SEO

You’ve got choices to make when it comes to 3rd party services and your website. What do you choose for an Analytics platform? What A/B testing service should you use? What should you use for search functionality? What about ads? What ad publisher should you run with? In my opinion (this is my theory and by no means actual fact) all of these decisions have everything to do with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Let me explain. Note: this article is now a section of my Free SEO Report called the SEO BlackBook. I have made it free to download so check it out. Here is my theory. And let me preface what I am about to tell you with the fact that there are many SEO professionals (much smarter than me I might add) who also agree with this. It’s the concept that Google gives higher credit to […]

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6 Reasons I Prefer Google Analytics Over Omniture

Over the past 2 months, my current employer has allowed me the opportunity to work with both Google Analytics and Omniture extensively. One of the tasks they (my employer) have entrusted me with is Site Conversion and Optimization. Having had experience with this before on much smaller sites, this is my first experience involving a major high-end content site with over 1 million indexed content pages and hundreds of thousands of unique visitors per month. As you can imagine the task ahead of me is huge to say the least. I’m dealing with huge numbers across the board, where one minor change can be the difference of tens of thousands of dollars. Thankfully, I work with an IT and Marketing staff that are second to none that were smart enough to involve Google Analytics in their analytics strategies along with their Omniture platform. Over the past month I have been […]

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Build Your Own Google Analytics!

What if you could build your own Google Analytics program? What if instead of having to use a 3rd party service such as Google Analytics, I told you that you could host your own application and keep all your website statistical information private? That’s what Piwik is for! Piwik is an open source web analytics application written in PHP and MySQL that you can install and manage on your own web server. I literally just finished installing it 5 minutes ago on my Dreamhost server and it is working like a charm. Why would you want to do this? Well there are several reasons and benefits behind hosting your own analytics application. Let’s talk about a few of these. Reason #1: Your information is private. Keep it that way! Not that Google is interested in throwing your information around to the world or anything. But it’s nice, especially when you […]

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