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Written on August 6, 2012  /  with no comments  /  in the Social Media category.

Only 24% of Tweets Contain Hashtags

Can you believe that? According to some recent studies only 24% of all Tweets actually contain Hashtags. And of that 24% i’m going to guess that at least 60% of those users don’t know how to use Hashtags and are putting way too many in their Tweets! This infographic provided by the wonderful Lori Taylor (a leading social media consultant) provides this and other interesting statistics relating to Hashtags on Twitter. The two notable are: Tweets that contain hashtags receive 2X more engagement. 17% decrease in engagement when a Tweet contains more than 2 Hashtags. Do you use #Hashtags in your Tweets very often? Have you seen a similar increase in engagement when using them?

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8 Pinterest Tips for Internet Marketers

Most Internet Marketers have jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon by now. We know that when it comes to online marketing, Pinterest is the new FaceBook. The new Twitter. The new top way to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your site. If you weren’t already aware of the power of Pinterest in driving traffic, take a look at this: in January of this year, Pinterest drove more traffic to websites than YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Reddit… combined! You read that right… Pinterest has now become more valuable for driving traffic than several of the other popular social networks combined. When planning and implementing your Online Marketing Campaigns, it has now become invaluable to incorporate Pinterest into your game plan. Without it, you will soon (if not already) start losing traffic to others who are making smarter decisions… a.k.a. using what works… a.k.a. getting on Pinterest! In case you […]

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A.C.T Will Change Your Views on Social Media Marketing

If you haven’t read the book The Zen of Social Media yet I highly recommend it. It’s a great read to say the least. In it you learn a ton of cool things about Social Media Marketing but 1 concept stood out to me by far more than others. It’s called A.C.T and it stands for: Attract: generating traffic and attention through Social Media efforts Convert: converting that traffic into consumers of your content Transform: transforming your consumers into happy customers who provide social proof for your brand An interesting thing I want to point is the Convert part of A.C.T. Many people get caught up in thinking you have to generate traffic from social media and immediately convert that traffic into buyers of your product or service. But the conversion process in social media is different… You have to first convert that social media traffic into Consumers of your […]

Written on February 24, 2012  /  with 5 comments  /  in the Social Media category.

The Social Media Manager Game plan & Schedule

Managing all of your social media profiles can be very difficult. Managing all of your social media profiles the way they SHOULD be managed in such a way to where they provide you great personal benefit and success can seem nearly impossible! I have found that the only way you can really do Social Media right is A) you have to come to the realization that it takes time and effort, B) you have to manage your time efficiently and have a specific game plan in place and C) you must hold yourself accountable to that Schedule and that Game plan. As you can imagine I have had my own difficulties being efficient in my Social Media efforts just like many others have. It’s not easy. But over the past few years I have developed a regimen that I am comfortable with and that seems to be working for me. And of […]

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Should Men Be On Pinterest?

So there’s all this data coming out right now in the world of Internet Marketing on Pinterest, the new social media powerhouse which is taking the “webernet” by storm. Many webmasters are already seeing Pinterest as their #1 referrer of social media traffic. Crazy! Because of this many (did I say many? I meant ALL) Social Media, SEO, and Content Marketing experts are discussing strategies and concepts for leveraging the new social media outlet. And there’s been some great articles with some fantastic strategies. Here are a few: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Pinterest For Marketing 7 Creative Ways Your Brand Can Use Pinterest Pinterest: Link Building & SEO Strategies The strategies are great! But should men be on Pinterest? A one-minute tour of Pinterest and you quickly get the idea, this thing is all about “pinning” things, commenting, and oh yeah it’s definitely for Women! It’s as women centric as the […]

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Google+ For Bloggers: A Strategic Overview

How can you leverage Google+ to help you better promote your blog? This is a question I’ve been getting often and I wanted to take some time to share with you how I am using it in my blogging strategies. In this article I breakdown the 8 steps to success in leveraging Google+ to help you drive more traffic to your blog and get more followers. But first… a few of my thoughts on Google+. Twitter + Facebook + LinkedIn = Google+ Google+ doesn’t have all the features these other 3 social powers have. It does however give you a little bit of each which in and of itself is very powerful. To me Google+ has these elements in common with Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin: The social connectivity prowess of Facebook The communication/broadcasting ability of Twitter The business attractiveness  of LinkedIn Add to these three the email integration of Gmail and the new […]

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The Twitter Guide to Avoiding Spammers

Twitter is easily one of the most useful and valuable tools ever created for Internet users. But where the users are, spammers are also. Unfortunately. Which is why in order for you to have a successful Twitter experience no matter what your purpose for using it is, you need to need avoid the spammers… like the plague. I’m here to show you how! First Rule of Thumb = Don’t Follow People Unless You Find Them Interesting If you dedicate some time on Twitter each week and help provide some level of value in whatever your interests are, than you will never need to follow users to get more followers. People will follow you organically because of 1 simple reason… they will find you interesting! This “interesting” factor is how you build a true network on Twitter. So the way to avoid spammers on Twitter is to follow this rule first. Doing so will […]

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6 Tips for Twitter Success If You Are a Blogger

Because Twitter is being used for so many purposes these days I wanted to be specific and put together some of my thoughts on what I think makes Twitter successful for the everyday blogger! Below are my 6 tips for success in leveraging Twitter to increase your blog readership. Tip #1 – Create “Remarkable” Content Worth Tweeting This simple, yet blunt article tells you what you need to know to create “remarkable” content (i.e. content that will get others to remark about it!). In this article Seth Godin gives great advice on how to create content that will be remarkable to others (not just to you). Some of Seth’s tips/advice include: Understanding the urgency (no waiting till “tomorrow”) Remembering that just because it’s “remarkable” to you, it doesn’t mean it’s remarkable to me Be the first (if it’s in a “Dummies” book, it’s not remarkable) When it comes to remarkability, […]

Written on March 22, 2011  /  with 2 comments  /  in the Social Media, Web Analytics category.

Top 7 Free Applications for Gathering Social Analytics Data

Social Analytics is becoming more and more synonymous with Web Analytics for online publishers and internet marketers. But where can you retrieve Social Analytics data from? Here are 7 free services that you can integrate your website/blog with to get this data. 1. PostRank Analytics PostRank Analytics helps you find out, track, and analyze how “socially engaging” your website is (how much it drives visitors to share it). With PostRank Analytics, you can track both your onsite (blog articles, etc), and your offsite (PDF’s, YouTube videos, MySpace pages, etc) content to see how engaging it is. PostRank provides you with analytics from over 20 of the top social networks (digg, twitter, reddit, delicious, etc). It tracks and rates visitors’ different activities that they do with your content like comments, tweets, diggs, rss views, and more. It then gives each “event” a different number of points, depending on the level of effort each […]

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An In-Depth Look at Raven Tools

Raven Tools = basically it’s a super-functional SEO management, research, reporting and monitoring suite that helps you access a myriad of SEO data that is normally difficult to come by, let alone automate. Let’s take a closer look into what it can do. 3 Keyword Research Tools Integrated Finding the right Keyword Research tool for your SEO efforts can be a tricky process unless have you hundreds of dollars to waste each month. One of the coolest things Raven Tools does is it integrates with 3 of the most popular keyword research tools to help you consolidate your costs. Google Adwords Keyword Tool SEM Rush – WordTracker – 4 Ridiculously Cool Competitive/Link Building Research Tools Again you are probably noticing a recurring theme behind what I am saying… but competitive research and competitive research for SEO are two entirely different animals. It can be much more difficult and tedious than […]

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Social Analytics For Bloggers Part I

8 Metrics You Should Track + The 1 Tool That Get’s The Job Done The purpose of Social Analytics in blogging is to track the Engagement power (or lack thereof) of your blog. It’s all about combining the typical Web Analytics data such as visits, pageviews, bounce rate etc. with data from Social Media sites such as how many retweets and Facebook likes. If you are reading this post I’m going to assume that you are already aware of the importance Social Media has on blogging. It’s critical to say the least. Without it your super-awesome blog posts are like having a Aston Martin but no gasoline to drive it. Your blog posts are not given the “fuel” necessary to get “out there” if you will. This is why Internet Marketers are always talking about how important their social media campaigns are. So enough of the small talk. Let’s get into this […]

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10 Killer WordPress Social Media Plugins

There are dozens of WordPress plugins for Social Media. Too many in fact. One search through the WordPress plugin directory and you will be asking yourself the same question I am asking myself now… why in the world are there so many plugins that do exactly the same thing? Combine that with the dozens of plugins that simply just don’t work and are not compatible with the most recent version of WordPress and you can see now why it’s so frustrating searching through plugins. When you start a dozen or so blogs each month with each project needing some sort of added social media functionality, you end up finding what plugins are actually useful and which are not. With that said I present to you the 10 most useful WordPress Social Media Plugins to date: 1. ShareDaddy Official WordPress Plugin Page Share your posts with Twitter, Facebook, and a host […]

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The New Face of Twitter

I’m a little offended. Days ago, Sir Chase Sagum asked me how I liked the new Twitter. I didn’t know what he was talking about. “What are you talking about?” I asked in dismay. “Oh, never mind,” he said as he slowly turned back to his desk with a look of condescending mockery. He let me take a gander. I was too distracted by my deep hurt to pay attention to the new layout and features. But the day has finally come and Twitter has personally asked me, Cari Stewart, to join the party. And let me tell you, it is rockin’. I blame myself for this whole situation. Perhaps I was never made aware of the new developments because I didn’t log out of Twitter for weeks at a time. Or perhaps because Twitter wanted to make sure everything was ship-shape before exposing me to it. Either way, I’m […]

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Diaspora: The Open Source Facebook Contender

How Will Open Source Affect the Social Networking Industry? Welcome to the world of Diaspora! Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and his approximately $11.5 Million monster could care less about it’s users privacy. People are getting ticked off. People want some other place to go to connect with their friends. “Screw Facebook and Zuckerberg for not giving us what we want” says thousands of Facebook users. The timing of the release of an Open Source Facebook contender that has privacy of personal data as a strong suit could not have been more perfect. Diaspora which has been released this year (mid september 2010) is at the time of me writing this post, barely usable. But the project has received over $200,000 in Online Donations according to a report from and more importantly is getting a ton of contribution from open source developers around the world. And… the project […]

Written on September 14, 2010  /  with 6 comments  /  in the Random, Social Media category.

For the Self-Proclaimed Web Expert: Top 5 Reasons You May be Lying to Yourself

A Guest Post written by the talented and genius Cari Stewart. Cari has a degree in Advertising with a music minor, of course. She’s had stints in media buying, buzz marketing, online PR, and hardcore drumming. Cari can be found doing all of those things on her blog, Twitter, and various other locations on the Interwebsites. For those of you who fancy themselves as web-savvy individuals, here are some surefire ways to determine your legitimacy. Top 5 reasons you need to rethink your online practices: 1. You’re email ends in,,, or any other domain that isn’t or your personal domain. Sure, everyone has a rogue hotmail account from 1998 but it’s 2010; it’s time to start taking ourselves seriously. Believe me, nobody will be taking you seriously if you’re rocking It’s science. What Your Email Address Says About Your Computer Skills 2. You’ve recently said […]

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