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Top Things to Know about AB Testing

Even the best websites still get outdated in time, and it’s important to know when your own website is nearing that point. There are many signs that can tell you when your website is no longer as effective as it once was, and these include steadily decreasing sales and profits, fewer website hits, and increasingly tough competition. When you see these signs all over the place, it’s definitely time to take a good look at your website and figure out what needs changing. Every aspect of your website must contribute something of value in helping you achieve your goal. When making changes, you need to pay attention to both the smallest details and the larger picture. Remember as well to take into account design principles and guidelines set by Google as well as the wants and needs of your target market. Last but not the least, it is very important […]

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A Friendly Reminder to A/B Test Often

Aside from treating them as if they are always right, the other rule in dealing with customers is to give them what they want. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. Each site visitor you get is different from all the others, but there’s bound to be some common ground that ties all of them together. The goal, then, is to find out what these similar preferences are and use them to your advantage by implementing them on your website. You could start finding out what preferences these are by doing surveys, but they’re generally tedious to run and a hassle to collate. Another option that can give you results that are just as reliable, if not better, is testing. Testing Methods for Optimization There are two methods that are commonly used for optimization purposes: A/B testing and multivariate testing. Both techniques involve presenting different options of a website or email […]

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The Jedi Masters Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for Blogs Part 1

Conversion rate optimization has been a common topic for quite some time in internet marketing. But with blogs? Not so much. Many marketers still consider blogging a good strategy, but not one that is super-effective at generating large amounts of business. This is so not true. The truth is that your blog CAN be a converting machine. The trick is a) you have to create amazing value for your readers and b) you have to actually no how to increase your conversion rates. That’s why i’m here to help. Because I basically have no life (jk) and spend 3/4 of my life on the web… I am able to find the time to read and research thousands of articles across many topics. In the past year conversion rate optimization or CRO has been a major source of curiosity for me. I’ve come across some amazing resources in my journey and […]

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7 Free Tools For Improving Conversion Rates

7 free web applications that can help you improve your website conversion rates. Don’t worry… expensive tools like Omniture’s Test & Target are not your only resources for CRO. 1. ClueApp Are visitors to your site not performing the actions you want them to perform? That might be because those actions just aren’t standing out enough! ClueApp is a tool that lets you create a “memory test” for your website to see what things visitors notice/remember from your site. This is a great way to see what things are standing out to your visitors, as well as what impression they’re getting from your site. It can help with conversions by seeing if your call-to-orders/products are highly noticeable or not, or if the actions that you are wanting people to perform are standing out to visitors. ClueApp works by showing a 5-second screen shot to visitors, then asking them what they […]

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5 Tests to Increase Blog Traffic, Conversion & Rankings

The following are 5 tests you can run to help you increase your blogs traffic, conversion rate, and SEO rankings. Testing alone will not increase these metrics however. You must record the data and learn from it. That is the key to success. Test #1 = Increasing Traffic Through Twitter Reposting I wanted to run a test that involved testing various Tweet Content to promote certain articles that I have had struggles getting more people to see. Sometimes your content can be great but might need a little extra effort to go viral. In this test you want to experiment with the following: Text before the URL Text after the URL The Time and Day of the Tweet Testing and analyzing your results with this can give you a tremendous amount of information about your Twitter following and will help you leverage Twitter more efficiently for the growth of your blog. I […]

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10 High Quality Landing Page Examples

If you find yourself needing to create a landing page, it wouldn’t hurt you to get some design inspiration along the way. One of the best things to do before creating your landing page is to look at other landing pages first and take down notes of the things you most like. Then start to sketch out with a pen and a pad… your new concept for your landing page. It can be very difficult however to find high quality landing page examples which is why I created this blog post. No messy, ugly, 1999 looking landing pages allowed here! Just high quality examples of how landing pages should be done. Let’s take a look. Note: each landing page listed incorporates many landing page principles that you should be following. For the sake of this article I just pointed out a few of the main things I like about each […]

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A Common Sense Review of the Unbounce Landing Page Platform

WordPress + Dreamweaver + Google Website Optimizer = Awesome Sound cool? Yeah, you bet it does. For those who still aren’t convinced, let me show you why people like you and me need Unbounce: I am a Marketer. Like most marketers, I am constantly trying to think of new ways to improve my landing pages. A/B testing is essential in this process. Unbounce allows you to set up A/B tests and optimize your landing pages for your specific audience without having to call IT. Not only will you improve conversion, you’ll also have data to back you up; it’s all about the numbers. Access your test stats in real-time and make real-time adjustments to your pages. They’ve made the whole process incredibly simple. You can check out their tutorials to see what I mean. Seriously, anyone can use this tool effectively and efficiently. Here is a snapshot of their A/B […]

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Popular Sites Using Google Website Optimizer

In an ongoing effort to help people realize the value in using the FREE Website Optimizer tool from Google, I’m compiling a list of popular sites/companies utilizing Website Optimizer. These companies see value in using this tool and so should we. The concept of A/B Testing is by no means a new thing. But the tools available to us from Google are and they create a new horizon of opportunity for our websites. So far I have found 10 popular websites using Google Website Optimizer. I plan on adding to this list weekly. If you have any that you know of please leave a comment below and I will add them to the list. 1. MailChimp 2. SquareSpace 3. ZenDesk 4. Dreamhost 5. 6. 1-800 Flowers 7. Outrigger Hotels & Resorts 8. Famous Footwear 9. Western Governors University 10. FYI: I found this by simply viewing the source […]

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4 Innovative A/B Testing Plugins for WordPress

A/B testing is the talk of the town these days. Before I ran my first A/B test on one of my affiliate sites I totally did not buy into the hype. But now after seeing the success that comes from testing, I am now a believer. You can literally increase conversions (whatever a conversion to you is whether it be leads, purchases, subscribing to an RSS feed etc.) automatically by simply creating a well thought out test and getting back the data from that test. Where are your lowest hanging fruit? A/B testing can help reveal the answer to this question literally overnight. Google Website Optimizer is a free tool provided by Google for setting up A/B and Multivariate tests. That’s the tool I use for all my testing. A/B testing can be a little tricky if you use a CMS like WordPress and that is why I have created […]

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7 Visual Tips for Creating a Great Blog Post

There is much discussed on the web for how to “write” a better blog post. But often times its the visual elements of an article that make a blog post great. I’m sure you have seen examples of these visual elements throughout the Blogosphere, particularly with more popular tech blogs such as SEOMoz, Smashing Magazine, and Mashable just to name a few. I have 10 specific tips for you to help you increase the visual appeal of your blog posts. Combine that with your stellar writing/blogging skills and you will be crashing your server with traffic in no time. Let’s take a look at these 10 elements: 1. Graphs Showing off data that helps support the points you are making in your blog posts is one of the great ways to add some cool visual elements and increase the appeal of your posts. SEOmoz has some great examples of how […]

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Lead Form Landing Page Inspiration Part III

In the 3rd part of an ongoing series and several hours of research, here are more Lead Form Landing Pages for your design and development inspiration. Online Education is one of the bigger markets for online lead generation, so naturally online education sites have some great examples of how to create great lead form oriented landing pages. Lead Form Landing Page Inspiration Part I Lead Form Landing Page Inspiration Part II Below are 8 designs that will give you a ton of design and development inspiration for your next Lead Form landing page project. Enjoy…

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Lead Form Landing Page Inspiration Part II

5 landing pages specifically designed for generating leads. In part 2 of this ongoing series of blog posts, I show you 5 specific landing pages that get the job done and look good doing it at the same time. All 5 span different industries. Let’s start with the University of San Francisco. Lead Form Landing Page Inspiration Part I Lead Form Landing Page Inspiration Part III University of San Francisco There isn’t really anything too special with the top half of this landing page. But below the fold is a masterpiece. A nice video on the left to show some more visual content. Some good looking icons that help break up the various sections of the content. Some large titles to break out the most important items. Add that to a nice light and clean layout and design and this page is a lead capturing monster! Alarm Zone I’m a […]

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Lead Form Landing Page Inspiration Part I

Landing page’s for products are one thing. Landing pages that collect leads through some type of lead form are a completely different ball game. In this first part of 3 series, I show you 5 landing pages with an emphasis on collecting leads and the details behind each form. Here you see Internet Marketing professionals at the top of their game. Lead Form Landing Page Inspiration Part II Lead Form Landing Page Inspiration Part III 1. Full Sail Notice the little magazine image right above the lead form? This is genius. Gives the user the sense that they are actually getting something tangible by requesting free information. Right below the form they have an incentive for a free MacBook. To the left of that is a customer testimonial which is always powerful. Content on the left is broken up nicely in order to make reading easy and to pull out […]

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