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Written on April 14, 2012  /  with one comment  /  in the Open Source category.

The Open Source eCommerce Platform That Doesn’t Exist. But Needs To!

Have you seen the documentary Waiting for Superman? The state of Open Source eCommerce reminds me very much of the premise of that film. Everybody knows that the world of eCommerce platforms needs an overhaul, but everybody is waiting for another Matt Mullenweg type to come along and fix the problem. What’s the problem exactly? The problem is the lack of 1 REAL one-size-fits-all solution to eCommerce. The “WordPress” of the eCommerce world essentially. An open source project so well put together, so well executed, with such a high level of commitment behind it that it becomes the #1 source for eCommerce businesses worldwide. Exactly what WordPress was able to do in the blog-publishing world not too many years ago. So what would this eCommerce platform look like? Here are a few details: 1. Lightweight File Base. No Bigger Than 25 MB Have you ever installed Magento? It’s insane! The […]

Written on October 2, 2011  /  with 5 comments  /  in the Open Source category.

How To Install the Fork CMS

The new open source content management system called Fork is getting  a ton of attention these days and for good reason. It’s awesome! I’ve building some sites lately using Fork and I must say I have been impressed with it’s organized infrastructure and clean UI. If you are an SEO you are going to love Fork CMS because of all it’s SEO options and controls. When first installing Fork, I found it a bit confusing following their install guide which is why I wanted to take a few minutes and create this quick “how-to” to help eliminate some confusion. Step 1: Make Sure Your Server Meets These Minimum Requirements: PHP 5.2 or higher (safe_mode=Off) The following PHP extensions should be installed and enabled:? cURL, SimpleXML, SPL, PDO (with MySQL driver), mb_string, iconv and GD2 graphics library. MySQL 5.0 or higher Apache 2.0 with .htaccess, mod_rewrite, mod_expires (optional but recommended), mod_deflate […]

Written on October 3, 2010  /  with no comments  /  in the Open Source, Social Media category.

Diaspora: The Open Source Facebook Contender

How Will Open Source Affect the Social Networking Industry? Welcome to the world of Diaspora! Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and his approximately $11.5 Million monster could care less about it’s users privacy. People are getting ticked off. People want some other place to go to connect with their friends. “Screw Facebook and Zuckerberg for not giving us what we want” says thousands of Facebook users. The timing of the release of an Open Source Facebook contender that has privacy of personal data as a strong suit could not have been more perfect. Diaspora which has been released this year (mid september 2010) is at the time of me writing this post, barely usable. But the project has received over $200,000 in Online Donations according to a report from and more importantly is getting a ton of contribution from open source developers around the world. And… the project […]

Written on July 17, 2010  /  with 10 comments  /  in the Internet Marketing, Open Source category.

How to Install Google Adwords Editor for Ubuntu (Linux)

Recently I found myself needing to install the Google Adwords Editor application and ran into a few issues with this because I am running the most recent version of Ubuntu as my operating system. After a bunch of research and some troubleshooting, I finally had some success installing the Google Adwords Editor in Ubuntu using these 5 simple steps: Open up your Terminal and follow these steps… 1. Install Wine from the Regular Repository sudo aptitude install wine 2. Get the Winetricks Script wget 3. Install vcrun2005 sh winetricks vcrun2005 4. Download the Google Adwords Editor (windows version) 5. Install the Google Adwords Editor msiexec /i adwords_editor_en-US.msi That’s it! You are done! You should now be able to go to Applications >> Wine >> Programs >> Google Adwords Editor and run the application. To further this experiment I had a PPC expert use this application on Ubuntu for […]

Written on April 14, 2010  /  with 4 comments  /  in the Open Source category.

7 Reasons to Still Use Firefox & Not Just Google Chrome

It’s no secret that the Google Chrome browser is the talk of the town when it comes to web browsers. And for good reason. Chrome is light, fast, and efficient in so many ways. I have found myself using Google Chrome more and more, primarily for things such as accessing all my Google Applications like Google Reader, Adsense, Adwords, Analytics etc. In the contrary there are still many Firefox faithful who won’t leave the open source browser anytime soon. But for the rest of you, this post is for you. There is still much good you can get out of using the Firefox browser. Here are some reasons I am still using Firefox (along with Google Chrome). 1. Contributing to an Open Source Project Let’s not forget, Firefox is a true Open Source project where developers and users from around the world are contributing to make it better. You can […]

Written on March 27, 2010  /  with one comment  /  in the Internet Marketing, Open Source category.

How Does WordPress Make Its Money?

A common question I get at the office when WordPress is at the forefront of discussion is, “if WordPress gives away it’s software for free then how do they make money?” Recently at the Economist Innovation Conference in Berkeley, California, WordPress Founder Matt Mullenweg answered this question in front of a few hundred people in the audience. The answer he gave was simple. Back-up services, Hosting, Anti-Spam, and a few other paid upgrades for it’s user base. Back-up Services + Hosting + AntiSpam + Upgrades = WordPress Revenue $ Really? Yes Really! Even though there is not a large percentage of WordPress users who opt-in to these paid services, the total number overall makes WordPress as a company profitable. And more importantly profitable enough to keep the development of the WordPress project moving forward. How much does WordPress actually make? Not really sure. But for Automatic (the company behind […]

Written on February 19, 2010  /  with 7 comments  /  in the Open Source category.

Review of the Symphony Open Source CMS

WordPress and Drupal are not the only “heavy hitting” open source content management systems going around today. Symphony is a player too. Symphony is built in PHP and MySQL and built with the ability to create everything from simple websites to more complex web applications. Similar to what Drupal and WordPress have done, Symphony has been able to create a very modular, component type content management system that makes it easier for “non-coders” to put together screaming cool websites. Symphony is Open Source and licensed under the MIT/X11 License. Create Your Own CMS Symphony has done a very good job of creating an environment for you to create your very own CMS for whatever the occasion is. Rather than being told what types of content or structure you have, Symphony allows you to create that content and structure beforehand giving you the utmost customization. Symphony is a XML-based data engine […]

Written on January 9, 2010  /  with 2 comments  /  in the Open Source category.

4 Reasons To Consider Switching to Ubuntu from Windows!

I have always been a big advocate of open source software, as demonstrated by many articles on this blog over the years. But one of the hardest transitions I had to personally make was the big switch from depending on Windows as my main operating system for my Laptop, and going the open source Linux route. Over the years I got so comfortable with the various nuances of Windows XP that it was hard for me to break away. After several months of fighting with myself on whether or not to break away from Windows XP and make the leap to a Linux operating system, I finally made the leap of faith and completely wiped my Dell Vostro 1500 laptop clean and started over. I installed Ubuntu 9.10 “Karmic Koala” and needless to say, I have been enjoying my PC experience more than I thought was possible. I should have […]

Written on December 15, 2009  /  with 3 comments  /  in the Open Source, Social Media category.

Open Source Social Aggregator Applications

It seems like everything on the web has turned social as of late. The geek cooler talk seems to be about Social Media and how it will affect the web. Currently, social media on the web goes almost hand in hand with 3rd party web applications. If you want to microblog chances are you don’t have your own, you use Twitter. If you want to share photos, updates, make friends, you don’t host your own social network but instead you use Facebook. Update: March 2011 = the open source project Diaspora is gaining some major traction. It’s basically an open source social networking application that is far and away more genius than what I have mentioned here. Read my article on Diaspora for more info. But where does Open Source fit into this equation? It’s gotta fit somewhere, doesn’t it? I am actually one believer who thinks it does. And […]

Written on November 9, 2009  /  with 3 comments  /  in the Open Source category.

8 Reasons You Will Love Collabtive for Open Source Project Mgmt

I’ve spent the past few days playing around with Collabtive, the open source project management or collaboration application. I’ve been hooked using it because of it’s easy to use interface. It appears after all this time that somebody finally got it right with open source project management. Not only is the application totally usable, to top off all it’s amazing features it’s licensed under the GNU General Public License, so you know this project’s future looks bright. There are 8 reasons why I think you are going to love Collabtive as an open source project management tool for your web projects. Collabtive is written in PHP and MySQL and works fine on all major web browsers. Collabtive is intended for small to medium sized businesses as well as freelancers of all kinds. Let’s take a look at the 8 things I love about Collabtive. 1. Perform All Tasks Quickly @ […]

Written on October 30, 2009  /  with 5 comments  /  in the Open Source category.

7 Ways eyeOS Allows Me to Work From Anywhere

I was asked recently by a good friend of mine what the difference was between having your own web desktop and using Google’s web based productivity tools. It’s actually a good question. But there are 3 specific reasons why I am enjoying using the open source eyeOS and hosting my own web desktop, as opposed to using a 3rd party service like Google. 1. The data is mine – sometimes I work on confidential business documents, and the last thing I want is for those documents to be hosted by a 3rd party. Even if that 3rd party is Google as much as I trust them. With my own web desktop, hosted on my own server that I pay for, I know that my information is kept completely private. 2. Everything in one browser tab – one of my biggest pet peeves about Google’s web apps, is that they all […]

Written on October 29, 2009  /  with no comments  /  in the Open Source category.

How To Install eyeOS on a Dreamhost Web Server

I wrote a while back about eyeOS, the open source web desktop and the benefits for web workers in a post titled 8 Ways EyeOS Can Help You in Business. In case you are still in the dark as to what eyeOS is refer to that page. In this post I am going to show you step-by-step how to get eyeOS installed, in this case on a Dreamhost server. It’s fairly easy. 1. Download the eyeOS application from 2. Unzip and upload the contents to your server 3. Now in your browser, go to the /installer/index.php file to access the Installation Wizard 4. Be sure to setup your root password to something you will both remember and will be difficult for someone to hack into. 5. That’s it! You should now have eyeOS working perfectly on your Dreamhost server. You are presented with a login screen. Remember that the […]

Written on October 27, 2009  /  with 7 comments  /  in the Open Source category.

Open Source Sketching & Prototyping App for Firefox

A critical element in the development of any online project is planning. And more specifically in the development of software a term is used called “Prototyping”. The act of sketching or laying out a rough draft of an application before it is actually completed. Over the years the best applications I have seen on the web are those that were planned well in advance…

Written on October 15, 2009  /  with no comments  /  in the Open Source category.

4 Open Source Projects That Don’t Currently Exist…But Need To!

There are 4 open source projects that we need on the web. If these existed I could die a happy man and finally have all the tools I need as an Organic Internet Marketer. Hopefully we see some development in these area. Here they are: 1. Lightweight & Highly Extensible Shopping Cart We all know of the big open source ecommerce platforms in the market. Magento, Zen Cart just to name a couple. But i’m talking about something truly lightweight and easy to use for the common user. Basically the “Wordpress” of the ecommerce world. This project would be licensed under the GPL so that it’s a true open source project unlike the others. Because of this GPL license more people would contribute plugins to the core, giving the cart as much functionality as a Magento or Zen Cart. 2. Lightweight & Highly Extensible CRM SugarCRM and vTiger CRM are […]

Written on October 5, 2009  /  with 7 comments  /  in the Open Source, Social Media category.

Building Your Own Twitter Is Easy!

Twitter with all it’s bells and whistles should be pretty hard to duplicate right? Actually yes! It is! But for you it won’t be as difficult as you think. Here’s why. There’s a fantastic open source project called, which is an open source microblogging system. Yes that’s right, an Open Source Twitter alternative. is built in PHP5 and MySQL5 and runs best on a LAMP server. Why Would I Want This? So you can build your own Twitter with Why would you want this? Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you might need something like this. Focus on a particular group or topic Self-hosted and in your own domain Private communication from the outside world Integrate with your existing online community Promote your own brand and web presence Main Features of the App This app is phenomenal to say the least. It is […]

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