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Magento SEO – 8 Quick On-Page Optimization Tips

We all know Magento is a great option for an open source shopping cart. But one thing few people bring up is how unfriendly it is when it comes to on-page SEO efforts out of the box. Which is why I’m writing this. I recently worked on a Magento Ecommerce website for my Home Theater Screen Paint site and experienced some serious pains that I hope to eliviate you from with these 10 quick tips for on-page Magento SEO optimization. 1. Setup Search Engine Friendly URLs Go to System >> Web >> Search Engine Optimization and select “yes” under Use Web Server Rewrites. 2. Install Yoast’s Canonical URL Extension The Canonical URL extension for Magento built by Yoast sets your Magento site up with the Canonical tag for every single page. This is very important to install because Magento sets up all URL’s without a trailing slash. This tag notifies […]

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2 Free Magento User Guide Ebooks!

Learning to use the open source Magento shopping cart can be quite the task. Because Magento has so many cool features and functions, it naturally has quite the long learning curve.  Here are two user guide ebooks in PDF format free to download that will help you save a ton of time. The first is a user guide for the entire shopping cart and the second is a designer’s guide for all of you who want to customize the look of your Magento run ecommerce site. big thanks to BanZZai for getting this user guide together. an even bigger thanks to Tomislav Bilic over at for putting this together for everyone to enjoy. I have recently put together a page on the top Premium Magento Themes that you might find helpful as well. Especially since there aren’t exactly tons of them!

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Create a Trendy & Hip Online Store with Magento

Want to create a trendy and hip online store? Let me explain to you how you can and save you a ton of time and money at the same time. First off we want to use the Open Source Ecommerce platform Magento. Doing this gives you all the features you need for a shopping cart, and at no cost to you obviously because it’s open source. (check out my most recent Magento project to see some of the cool things you can do with Magento.) Let’s Look at the Benefits of Magento There are so many features of the Magento ecommerce platform it’s hard to count. Right out of the box your open source cart can easily be connected to a Paypal or merchant account to handle your orders. You have access to dozens of community extensions to extend the functionality of your shopping cart. It’s Open Source […]

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The 6 Best Free Magento Themes

Here are the best of the best Magento Themes up to this point. The Magento Ecommerce Open Source Platform has been around for quite a while now and community theme development is slow. Thankfully there are 6 themes that have been contributed by 6 fantastic developers. Hopefully we will see some more in the near future. But for now here are the very best open source themes you can find for the Magento shopping cart: 1. Magento Classic Theme Compatible with Magento 1.3.2+ demo | download 2. Free Magento Theme from MageSupport Compatible with Magento 1.3 and higher demo | download 3. Magento Absolute Theme beta version of theme demo | download 4. Magento Mobile Theme – beta beta version of theme demo | download 5. Yoast Blank SEO Theme Compatible with Magento 6. Pet store theme Compatible with Magento 1.1 demo | download Please note: I installed and […]

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Affiliate Program App for Magento

Are you looking to setup your own Affiliate Program for something that you are selling online? Well if you are willing to use the new and slick Magento open source shopping cart,  there is a free and open source solution for you for creating your own affiliate program. It’s a component for Magento called Affiliates For All and it’s completely free and open source. Affiliates for All is highly configurable. You can set: a fixed commission rate or a percentage, the affiliate cookie lifetime, the currency, and whether commission is paid for the life of a customer or just for the first order. Some other really cool features to take note of are: Affiliates for All will (optionally) email affiliates with details of new orders and approved commissions. Affiliates for All provides your affiliates with many reporting features. They can see graphs of orders and revenue over time. They can […]

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Setup a Blog Inside Your Magento Store!

Update: August 2o, 2011 I recently revisited this Magento/Wordpress thing on a new ecommerce project I have been working on for my site I needed a blog and of course I couldn’t have just any blog… I needed WordPress. So I attempted to follow these steps that I had created previously (see below) and tried using the Lazzymonks extension but remembered in the process that it isn’t WordPress. So instead I tried out the FishPig WordPress Integration extension for Magento and i’m up and running perfectly. You can check it out by going to the “blog” link located in the footer. The intall process is a little technical so you want to make sure you know what you are doing… but after it’s all configured the two blend together quite nicely. <—————–> Are you looking to integrate a blog into your Magento shopping cart ecommerce store? There are a few ways […]

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How to Import Products into Magento

There’s a little confusion among some on how to import products into a Magento ecommerce store. I spent some time today researching and trying to find the best method on doing this. The reason for my research is because there was no simple documentation anywhere that I could find on how to import products. Magento actually has built a pretty robust import/export mechanism into the ecommerce cms that has a ton of flexibility to do many things. I’m not going to cover all of those. This is just for those of you who simply just want to import products into their Magento cart. Step 1 – Add a new product manually add a new product manually to the catalog, assign it to a category, and fill out all fields that will be necessary to your store. The obvious ones are price, description, quantity etc. It’s important that you fill out […]