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Using CloudFlare to Solve DDOS Attacks!

If you’re dealing with a DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack on one your websites or domains, I’ve got some great info to share with you. I recently dealt with a very complex DDOS attack on a major web property that I help manage. I was tasked with solving this DDOS problem, and if you’re actually reading this blog post then you probably understand the pain I experienced dealing with the complexity of this DDOS attack. Note: here’s a great article that explains what a DDOS attack is in case you’re not entirely sure. What I tried to do, but failed… Being the server administrator newbie that I am, I thought I could solve the problem by simply pointing my DNS A records to another server somewhere else in the world and replicate the website in a new location. Problem solved right? Well I was wrong. I was wrong because […]

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5 FTC Rules You Should Be Aware Of For Your Review Website

The Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer protection agency, has recently provided amended guidelines for its Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Since the guide has not been changed since 1980, the advent of technology and internet marketing has changed the landscape of traditional marketing and advertising seen in the past. With this change, the FTC released new regulations to ensure that the same general rules used for traditional marketing and advertising in the past are adhered to in modern day internet marketing and advertising applications. If you own a website that frequently reviews products, is part of affiliated marketing with a company or if you blog about products and services, it is important that you are aware of the regulations put forth by the FTC. There are 5 basic rules when it comes to endorsing, reviewing or advertising about products or services on your website […]

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5 Things LeBron James Taught Us About Internet Marketing

Anyone who knows me personally knows that LeBron is definitely not my favorite Basketball player. But even a LeBron hater must admit to being impressed by his most recent accomplishment, winning an NBA Championship. FINALLY! The LeBron Saga that has taken place over the past 2-3 years teaches us a few things that we can apply to our Internet Marketing endeavors. Proving Eleanor Roosevelt right when she was famously quoted, “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.” 1. Don’t make promises you can’t deliver. Remember the “not 2, not 3, not 4” quote from LeBron James referencing how many championships the Miami Heat would win? Do you do this in Internet Marketing where you promise maybe too much? I know I do. A good reminder of the fact that it’s okay to make promises, just don’t promise what you can’t deliver. […]

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The Google Trusted Stores Model is Genius!

If you run an affiliate review site or planing to create one then what I’m about to explain to you might be of interest. Google just launched it’s new Trusted Stores. Trusted Stores is basically a program that they setup where you can submit shipping and cancelation data to Google in return for a “trusted stores” badge. Okay blah blah blah. Why is this so important? Because it’s actually a genius model for any type of review site. If you can establish your site as an authority review site, you can actually have the companies you review submit certain data to you in return for a “trusted” badge. This data would help you in understanding who truly is “number 1″ or “number 2″ in the industry you are trying to review. So for example let’s say you have a Web Hosting review site where you review the top web hosting […]

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6 Modern Online Advertising Methods You Need To Know

There are several ways to market to a specific crowd through old-school market tactics such as billboards and television commercials. But with the Internet, such tactics have been trumped by newer marketing strategies. Using the Internet is a great way to market a product, attract people to new sites and gain customers in almost any business venture. Not sure where to start? Here are six ways to maximize your online presence and attract new users through online marketing. 1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) SEO is a great tool for gaining new customers using Internet search engines. SEO services can increase the ranking of any web page to make it more prominent to search engine users. Cross linking the pages of a website will increase links to the most important pages. It is useful for improving a website’s visibility and ultimately increasing customers and sales numbers. According to a study conducted […]

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Mastering SEO: Week 1 – Organic Internet Marketing Course

So maybe you just need to brush up on your SEO knowledge. Or maybe you’re learning SEO for the first time. Either way … I wanted to create a quick 7 day program that will help do either one. Each day has reading material and a task for you to perform before you move on to the next day. Day 1: The Beginner’s Guide to SEO from SEOMoz This guide from SEOmoz has been read by over 1 million people who are looking to either a) learn SEO or b) brush up on their SEO skills. This free guide covers the basics of how Search Engines like Google work and how to make your site search engine friendly. Link: material/curriculum Your Task: Leave a comment below on the top 3 new things you learned about SEO that you didn’t know before reading this guide. Day 2: Search Engine Ranking Factors from […]

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Fact: Ad Networks Need Your Organic Traffic

After attending ad:tech 2011 San Francisco earlier this week and walking around speaking with the various companies from booth to booth, I couldn’t help but ponder on 1 very important fact that kept entering my mind. The fact that Organic Traffic is the gold mine everyone in the Online Advertising industry is searching for! As I walked around speaking with the various affiliates, ad networks etc. I couldn’t help but feel like everyone was just feeding off the same type of “crap traffic” and trying to find new innovative ways to monetize it. Which led me to my next thought… Organic Traffic… Now That’s What All These Marketers Want! And they are having a tough time obtaining it. Which is why it’s so important for you and I to continue to work hard and develop new skills & knowledge when it comes to Organic Internet Marketing tactics. It’s not only […]

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I’ll Be @ ad:tech San Francisco This Week!

Hey friends! I wanted to let you all know that I will be in San Francisco this week attending ad:tech. I’ll be there both Tuesday and Wednesday walking around and chatting with the various vendors and companies that I have on my “to talk to list.” Keynotes I Hope To Be Attending: Arianna Huffington – Huffington Post Guy Kawasaki – Alltop Bonin Bough – PepsiCo Booths I Will Be Visiting: Google (of course) IdeaLaunch Linkedin The Nielsen Company Trellian comScore Dynamic Video Extole Flite Full Sail University Made in Social MyLikes OpenX SocialAnnex SocialTwist Hit me up on Twitter @chasesagum if you want to meet up… discuss strategy, business, grab a bite etc. Or leave a comment below. Looking forward to seeing everybody!

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The 4 Elements of Organic Internet Marketing

What is Organic Internet Marketing? It’s really simple actually. It’s Internet Marketing only with the word “organic” at the beginning. It’s not about buying your customers, it’s about attracting people naturally by providing great value first then turning them into customers later. Not sure I need to make this next point but I will anyways. Organic Internet Marketing is DIFFICULT! Much more difficult than any other means of Internet Marketing. It takes a tremendous amount of patience, hard work and creativity to be successful with it. But the rewards are much greater than what media buying can provide. I’m writing this because I want you to understand what the 4 fundamental elements of Organic Internet Marketing are… so that you can begin to create your own strategy for your business. Below I want to break down each element of Organic Internet Marketing so you can begin to make an official […]

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10 Secrets Top Internet Marketers Don’t Want to Share!

Okay so what’s my intention with this blog post? Well to put it simply, Internet Marketers in general are GENIUS in their ability to hide the facts behind what makes their marketing campaigns successful. It makes sense right? If you were making thousands or even millions off a certain method… why in the world would you want to share it? At the same time my argument is… if you think you are so intelligent and great at Internet Marketing why are you so afraid to share what it is you have learned? If you really are skilled and savvy at this Internet Marketing thing, you won’t be intimidated or threatened by the thought of someone “taking your idea and running with it.” So now you see why I wanted to write this article so badly. I’ve actually debated publishing it for quite some time because of the potential backlash from the Internet […]

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Turning Your Blog Into a Real Business – Free Guide

pdf version coming soon. Far too many people to this day associate blogging with just being a “fun activity” by some homer in his basement who has no friends and nothing to do on a Saturday evening! But for many of us Blogging is serious stuff. It’s us investing into our future and for many of us… it’s our source of income. So how do you turn your blog into more than just another blog? How do you turn your blog into a real business? The answer from 40,000 feet is that you have to build and develop strategies around your blog. Call it a business plan if that helps you understand it better. The act of building out strategies around the content you create, the audience you attract, and the way by which you monetize the blog. All together create a business out of your blog. The following are […]

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Building an SEO Team That WINS!

Every SEO strategy requires a different sort of team. But if I were responsible for building an SEO team that wins (meaning it has repetitive success in it’s industry) this is how I would do it! I would break the SEO team into 3 components… the Content Team, Link Building Team, and Social Media Team. Let me explain… CONTENT TEAM Responsibilities = To develop “remarkable”, high quality content for all web properties. Content is created both in-house and is outsourced in order to create enough high quality content at a regular rate to stay above competition. This team must have a basic understanding of SEO, HTML & CSS. Skills must be advanced in the areas of English, Grammar, Writing and using the WordPress CMS. Roles Include: Editor in Chief/Content Strategiest – This person is responsible for the overall content strategy of the team and for all web properties. He leads […]

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10 High Quality Landing Page Examples

If you find yourself needing to create a landing page, it wouldn’t hurt you to get some design inspiration along the way. One of the best things to do before creating your landing page is to look at other landing pages first and take down notes of the things you most like. Then start to sketch out with a pen and a pad… your new concept for your landing page. It can be very difficult however to find high quality landing page examples which is why I created this blog post. No messy, ugly, 1999 looking landing pages allowed here! Just high quality examples of how landing pages should be done. Let’s take a look. Note: each landing page listed incorporates many landing page principles that you should be following. For the sake of this article I just pointed out a few of the main things I like about each […]

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Estimating the Value of a Blog – Accurately!

How do you estimate the financial value of a blog? Ok let me ask this in a more specific way. How do you ACCURATELY estimate the financial value of a blog? Well that is what I would like to help you with in this “how-to” type article. The purpose of this article is to help both a) Blog owners who are selling their blog and b) those that are looking to purchase a blog. Both situations involve the difficulty of finding the fair and accurate price tag of a certain blog. Notice I said accurate. One of the many misleading things in blog value estimation is the practice of looking at metrics that really when it comes down to it, have no impact on the value of a blog whatsoever. I cover what those are at the bottom of the article. But first let’s look at the data you should […]

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If You Had $30k To Jump-start Your Blog

What would you do if you had $30,000 to invest into your blog? How would you use those funds specifically? Let’s envision for a moment that you had $30,000 to invest into your blog. How would you invest those funds in order to get the most return on your investment? What specifically would you invest that money into?  Well I have actually given this much thought and below are my notes that I took. My hope is that you can use this as a source for “inspiration” for when you do have that $30K. Sure anyone can spend $30K. But spending it wisely and not only getting the quickest return on your investment, but also building a great asset online for yourself is the trick. After much though and brainstorm here is what I would do. This works for both existing blogs or blogs that you plan on starting. $5,000 […]

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