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What Separates From The Rest

You probably have a domain registrar of your own that you trust. I trust and there’s really 1 reason why. Every-time either me or someone else fails a login attempt into my account I get an email that looks exactly like this: Preventing Domain Hijacking Domain hijacking, otherwise known as Domain Theft  is a serious thing and it happens more often than you might think. Almost an event per day according to a report from the WSJ. It basically happens when a thief gains access to your Domain account and steals the domains from within your account. If you’ve ever transferred a domain before, you know how easy it could be for someone to steal your domain once they have access to your Domain account. This leaves the hacker asking himself this question: “do I hack the website or just go right to the source itself, the domain […]

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Can You Make Real Money with Domain Flipping?

You don’t have to be a financial fortuneteller to know that there is money to be made online. There has been plenty of talk here about SEO, site content strategy, etc. But what about domain parking/flipping? Is domain flipping still a viable option for people who want to make money online? The short answer is: Yes… if you do it right. Domain flipping, for the uninitiated, is the buying and selling of domain names for profit. You can certainly keep your actions limited to that—buying cool domain names and then listing them for sale in various auction houses and forums. If you want to make money, though, the process is more involved. Here is what you do. 1. Start buying up domain names This can get expensive. I recommend opening up a line of credit (you can find the best card credit offer possible at NerdWallet) and using that. This will […]

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The Etymology Of Domain Name Usage

Gasoline sold for around $1.25 per gallon.  Motorola rolled out their first cell phone products publically. And the domain name system was rolled out onto ARPANET courtesy of IETF.  1983 was probably a blur for many people, yet for Bill Gates and other major upcoming technology innovations, domain name introductions paved the way for our current internet. If you’d ever wondered why people dial virtual websites comprised, for all intents and purposes, of pixels, perhaps you’ll find fruition in reading the etymology of domain name usage further. Syntax Domain names are concatenations, or chains, with each have specific meaning.  First, you begin with the simplistic label, www – this simply identifies what planet you’re on (the World Wide Web).  Next, you’ll have a subdomain node, identified as yourname. Finally, you’ll have the top-level location property, like .com.  Each chain gets divided by periods, and can extend up to 127 levels […]

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Some Tips on Domain Security

Everybody talks about Website security but rarely is Domain Name security discussed. Yes it’s true… your domains can be exposed to malicious hackers. They call it Domain Hijacking, a process that involves a hacker hacking into your domain registrar account and essentially stealing your domain name(s). This happens more often than you might think. Back in December a very popular blog had it’s GoDaddy account hacked and the domain transferred to another owner. Makes you seriously question things when a registrar as big as GoDaddy has something like this happen to one of their customers. Yikes. Shortly after this happened… a good friend of mine Jason Davis who’s a former Linux Systems Admin at Hostgator, sent me some important tips about Domain Name Security that I thought I would share with you. Jason is a big-time expert in Domain and Web Server security so you’ll want to take a […]

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Domainers Are Lazy! They Could Be Making Way More Money

Fact: Domainers (those in the business of purchasing domains) are the laziest business people on the Internet today. Don’t believe me? Keep reading… The majority of domainers (people who buy and sell domains for a living) today use Parked Pages (a CPC model) as a source of income on the domains they own. You’re probably asking yourself, what’s the big deal with this? Let me explain. Advertisers Are Now Paying For Visits Rather Than Just Clicks There are now Advertisers in all types of industries that are purchasing traffic on a CPV (cost per view/visit) basis for highly targeted direct navigation traffic. In other words, if you have a domain name that gets “type-in traffic” that is highly targeted to what these advertisers are looking for… you could be making money on every single VISITOR you send their way rather than just on clicks! Parked pages utilize a CPC model. […]

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6 Tips To Get More Traffic From Domain Names

Believe it or not millions of Internet users are arriving at parked pages and unresolved pages each day because of a little thing called Direct Navigation. People still type in keyword domains and mispelled domains into the browser address bar by the millions. Can you believe it? I’m not going to attempt to explain to you why it is people still do this. I don’t have that answer. But I do know that the traffic that can be gained from owning the right domains is tremendous! Don’t believe me? Read what Jupiter Research says about it. That’s right! Direct Navigation was a $600 Million industry in 2006. And it has grown leaps and bounds since then. Here are some links to articles I have written recently on the subject of Domaining and how you can best find the high quality domains out there so you can start reaping the benefits […]

Written on December 30, 2010  /  with 3 comments  /  in the Direct Navigation category. Tutorial – Finding The Best Expired Domains

For those of you who don’t know much about let me explain it to you. is a web application that allows you to search and find expiring domain names through a variety of different Domain services at once. It’s by far the most effective tool of it’s kind. It currently integrates with the following Domain services: The main idea of is to provide you with a web-based tool that allows you to search through all 7 of these services for expiring domains at once. And it does a dang good job at doing this I must say from personal experience. How To Use Effectively I’m going to walk you through my process of how I go about using It’s surprisingly simple yet extremely powerful. This is how I find amazing domain names every single month. Not sure why i’m sharing […]

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The Definitive Guide to Buying Misspells Of Your Domain

Brutal Fact: there are “domainers” out there who are profiting off of your brand by purchasing misspelled variations of your domain name. If you do not snag up misspells of your domain name you are allowing others to capitalize on your brand. Here are 7 specific techniques for protecting your brand when it comes to domain names. After these techniques are explained I have written some more about what happens if you do not take control of your branded domains and how $1,000 per year is all you need to control all this! 1. The Takeaway = 1 less letter Example =,, This is simply the practice of taking away 1 letter from a domain. The more letters there are in a domain the more options you will have here. Take away 1 but never take away 2 as that happens way less often. 2. The Add-on […]

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6 Reasons to Use NameCheap Instead of GoDaddy

I’ve used Go Daddy as my domain registrar for years. This was mostly due to the fact that I knew of nothing else. It wasn’t until I learned about other Domain Registrars and the benefits of each did I start to realize how much I was missing out by sticking with Go Daddy. After searching out many Domain Registrars, I have come to the conclusion that Name Cheap is the best choice for me and I have chosen to do all of my domain purchasing through them. My reason behind choosing Name Cheap really came down to 6 specific things that I want to bring to your attention here. 1. The Price – $9.69 per domain Other than a “now and again” small special discount from Go Daddy, you’ll usually spend about $10.81 per year for each of your .com, .net, and .org purchases. I chose to go with Name […]

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Direct Navigation 101 – The Complete Guide to Type-In Traffic

What is it exactly? What is direct navigation in laymens terms? Basically it’s whenever you (or someone) visits a website by typing the URL address directly into a browsers address bar. This happens way more often than you might think. Even more specifically is something called Type-In Traffic which takes this direct navigation method one step further. It’s when someone types in a keyword followed by a TLD (such as .com) in their address bar rather than searching that keyword in a search engine. What are the Stats? According to a UCLA study entitled “Analysis of User Web Traffic with a Focus of Web Activities“, 86% of online consumers reach websites through direct navigation. This essentially means that web users access websites in 1 of 3 ways a majority of the time: Through a bookmark By typing in a domain By typing in a keyword with a TLD appended (eg. […]

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Does Google See Your Domain’s Private Registration Data?

An interesting SEO related question here. Can Google actually see your data hidden behind a private registration? In other words, if you purchased a domain and paid for “Privacy” services to protect your personal information, does Google have the ability to still see that information? After quite a few hours of research, I’ve gathered together some helpful information to shed some light on the subject. First let’s look at why you would want your WHOIS data Private. Typically it’s because you don’t want your Name, Address, Email, and Phone number to be visible to the public. But from an SEO perspective, SEO experts don’t want Google to know that all of their domain names are owned by the same person. Is this a Black Hat SEO tactic? Not really. Especially considering the fact that many people run legitimate content heavy websites (more than 1) and deserve the SEO strength that […]

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How to Best Find New Available Domain Names

If you are an Internet Marketer of any kind, chances are you are purchasing new domain names from time to time. In this article I am going to quickly show you the process I use to find new domain names to purchase for my Direct Navigation strategy. While there are many benefits to purchasing expiring or auctioned domains, I have always preferred purchasing brand new domains because of their price. The price is always consistent. You know you are going to spend $10 or so through GoDaddy or your preferred registrar. So here is the process I use to locate the best possible domain names that are available in any industry/niche that I am working with. I hope this process helps you as it has me. Step 1 – Using the Google Keyword External Tool, do a query using a competitive term in your niche. Hopefully you have already done […]

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Top 7 Free Tools For Finding Domain Names This tool can only check one domain name at a time but it checks .com, .net, and .org simultaneously using an Ajax type interface. This makes the searching real-time as you are typing. You can also encrypt your searches through their SSL so that you know nobody is spying on your searches. This free tool generates available domain names based off a list of words that you provide. The more words you add the more results are given. You can hyphens, suffix, prefix, and a variety of different TLD’s. This is probably the best free tool I have seen that can generate domain names for you on the web. I highly recommend this tool for all looking to purchase new domain names. This free web tool allows you to find creative domains using a variety of different TLD options. The tool is much like […]

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