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Taking a Boring Subject & Making It Engaging with Video

Moving forward this is going to be one of the most difficult tasks for Online Video Marketers. How do you take a boring subject and make it interesting, engaging and valuable all at the same time. Well I have a few ideas but first I want to show you a video of someone who I think has done a great job at doing this. See the video below titled ‘The Biggest SEO Mistake Businesses Make.’

Wasn’t that video great? I think Renae does a fantastic job with her videos of making them interesting, engaging and valuable. A few important things we learn from this video:

1. It Takes a Great Personality: It’s hard to take a boring personality and make it a great one. You either have a great personality that people are entertained by or you don’t. But you’re going to need one (either your own or someone else’s) to making boring subject matter interesting.

2. The Ability to Entertain: you’ve gotta find a way to add some humor to your videos. Your video doesn’t have to be “funny” per se, but if you’re covering a boring subject you should throw some “funny nuggets” in there to keep the audience engaged.

3. Leverage Other People: notice how Renae features her daughter midway through the video. Pretty cool idea right? If you’re not sure you have the personality to engage people, you can always leverage other people. Take Charlie Rose for example… pretty sure he’s one of the more boring personalities the world has ever seen. But he leverages the personalities of his guests to keep his show interesting.

4. Bloopers at the end: pretty sure you could butcher this big-time if you’re not careful. But you gotta admit it’s a very good idea. Bloopers are just funny and entertaining almost regardless of who’s in them. Renae does a great job of incorporating bloopers at the end of her videos.

– Check out more of Renae Christine’s videos at her YouTube channel. I definitely recommend subscribing.

– You can also check out her website at RichMomBusiness.com

What are you doing to make boring subject matter more engaging?