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Video Ideas: Being “Presidential”

Another great idea for creating video is what I like to call the “Presidential Video.” It’s not where you get in front of a camera and announce to the world that you are running for President. No it’s not that. Rather, it’s the concept of acting presidential in the way you present your content. I’ll explain but first, see the video below of the perfect example of this in action:

1. “I’m Mitt Romney”: rather than saying something like “Hi! Mitt Romney here. Today I’m going to talk to you about…” None of that. Just simply “I’m Mitt Romney” then on with the message. Straight and to the point and professional as can be.

2. Story Telling: Presidential Candidates have historically been some of the world’s greatest story tellers. Though you probably are not running for president, story telling is still a critical strategy in delivering content to viewers. Get out from behind your desk and out of your office. Go experience the world so that you have something to say about it by the time you get in front of the camera.

3. The Ability to Sell Yourself: Mitt Romney is obviously great at selling himself without coming across as bragging. You and I need that skill too when we get in front of the camera. I was watching a video on YouTube earlier today when a guy said “I’m a SUPER successful online marketing entrepreneur…” and I was like… seriously dude? Don’t brag… but definitely sell yourself as a leader and an expert in your industry.

4.The Ability to Speak Without Errors: another skill politicians have to learn that we can benefit from as well. The ability Mitt Romney has in this video to read his message to you without 1 single mistake is phenomenal. Doing this says a lot about your professionalism and expertise on the subject matter.

5. No Special Editing or Shots Needed: the beautiful part of this type of video strategy is that there is very little Editing needed. Just a guy/gal in front of a camera speaking. That’s it! And while Teenagers and College Students may find you boring… your target audience will most likely find you engaging, interesting and valuable!

P.S. This man Mitt Romney SHOULD be our President right now if you ask me. Just saying!