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5 Reasons to Delete Outdated Blog Posts

Sometimes things just need to go in the garbage. Just like the spring cleaning you do around your house or apartment, your blog over time tends to build up more and more excess waste that it really doesn’t need.

Recently I spent some time going through my posts back in 2007 and started to delete some old junk. The “SEO Expert” in you probably thinks it’s crazy to even consider deleting old blog posts. But the blogger in you realizes that for whatever reason blog posts become out-dated and/or irrelevant. Let’s look at the 5 reasons why you may want to go back and delete old, junky blog posts.

1. The “Whoops Did I really Say That” Posts

As bloggers we’ve all said things that we regret. I used to notoriously call out people who I thought were abusing an Open Source license as a form of marketing. Years later my stance hasn’t changed. But my maturity has. Therefore I have found it necessary to go back and delete some of the more aggressive things I have said about people.

2. Shameless Plugs

You what I’m talking about here. Those old endorsement type blog posts that really didn’t give any benefit whatsoever to your reader, but simply gave you a chance to make more money! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing to be able to make money through your blog. But there are better ways to do it. Looking at my old blog posts I have found a dozen or so endorsements that I made that I no longer feel comfortable endorsing.

3. All That Old News

Sometimes news just gets so old it’s worth deleting off your blog. In early 2007 I wrote a blog post about a “new” social Real Estate site called Trulia. That was great at the time. But that’s so outdated and non-relevant to my blog that I have absolutely no need for it.

4. Links That No Longer Exist

The “SEO Expert” in you should scream with joy with this one. Broken links are a bad thing for SEO. But more importantly they are a waste of MySQL database space and helping nobody. If you wrote a review about a specific product/service, and that product/service is no longer in business than why keep the review on your blog?

5. Changed Opinions/ Disassociation

Sometimes your opinions just change. For example, I used to have strong opinions about the Sugar CRM open source community. But over time those opinions have changed. It’s not like reason #1 where It’s something I shouldn’t have said. It’s more that I just have a changed opinion about the subject.

Another example of this has to do with Disassociation with blog posts you have written in the past. Back in 2007 I used to write often about a web development company I worked for at that time. Now that I no longer work for that company, those posts I feel should no longer be associated with me.

Fact: a clean blog is better than a messy one!

Don’t delete the good stuff you have put together. But I challenge you to let everything else go. Hope you find this helpful.