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4 Things Successful SEOs Don’t Want You To Know

There are SEOs, and then there are successful SEOs. And trust me there’s a big difference. And the successful SEOs are rarely the one’s doing the talking. Once they reverse engineer something they rarely like to share what they’ve found with others.

Which is why it’s so important to test. Test, test test! If you hear of a new concept or idea, something that may be working for someone, don’t just shut the idea down. Test it. See if you can get it to work. That’s what the successful SEOs do and it’s their key to reverse engineering the Google search algorithm. Let’s look at 4 specific things the successful SEOs don’t want you to know:

1. Fiverr Works If You Use it Right

Yes that’s right Fiverr. That site where you pay someone a meager $5 to perform a task for you. There are thousands of link building gigs on Fiverr, all promising to deliver you thousands of links here or there. Successful SEOs know the what, why’s, and how’s when it comes to fiverr gigs and they do this masterfully. They know through testing. They buy gigs and test the results and over a period of time, build a strategy leveraging Fiverr they can trust.

2. Buying Links Still Works Great

Using Link Purchasing services such as text-link-ads.com still works, regardless of what all the experts say. Successful SEOs do a masterful job at purchasing the right amount of links consistently and with the proper diversification (more on that in a minute). For example they don’t buy sidewide links in footers or sidebars. Rather, they take their time finding the right links inside the deep parts of websites like inside blog posts and cornerstone content pages.

3. Press Releases Are Still Golden

Yes Press Releases, I know. You’re probably rolling your eyes right now. But successful SEOs still spend big money pushing through press releases via services like PRWeb or PRBuzz. As much as Google claims to be regulating press releases, these SEOs continue to get some of their most influential backlinks from this strategy.

4. It’s All About Link Diversification

And finally it’s the strategy you keep reading about called Link Diversification. The great SEOs are absolutely efficient and precise with this. They diversify their link destinations. They diversify their anchor texts. They diversify their link sources. They diversify between Dofollow and Nofollow. Text and image based. Sitewide and non-sitewide. Guest posts and Article Directories. Black-hat and White-hat.

The difference between SEOs and successful SEOs is that the successful ones are patient, intelligent, and consistent. They take their time in their link building efforts. They maintain consistency in their link building efforts over long periods of time a.k.a years. And most importantly they are data driven individuals, mining through millions of pieces of data while testing and developing new strategies.

The key to being successful in SEO isn’t the strategies… it’s the ability to make patient, intelligent, and consistent link building decisions. Master that, and you will master your SEO campaign.

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