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3 Uncommon Yet Effective Post-Penguin Link Building Techniques

One of the most enjoyable aspects of search engine optimization is the challenge and opportunity of reverse engineering Google and its search algorithm. And when I say challenging, I mean nearly impossible! But what is possible is reverse engineering certain components of the algorithm. It’s not about manipulating Google search results, it’s about helping create a better search experience for end-users.

I want to break down for you 3 uncommon yet effective link building techniques for a post-penguin world. Not very many bloggers are talking about these right now, but they will be soon.

1. Brand Mentions With No Actual Links

Yes you read this correctly. This is normally an SEOs nightmare. But think about it for a minute. Google has gotten better at evaluating text on the web in larger quantities. They can now evaluate a contextual mentioning of your brand just a clearly as they can evaluate a backlink to your site, which now makes brand mentions a new form of backlinks.

2. Branded Links To Deep Pages

Rather than building all of your branded links to your homepage, diversifying those links throughout various sections and pages of your website will help to make your link profile appear more “natural” in Google’s eyes.

3. Advertising-Like Anchor Text Links to the Homepage

Of these 3 strategies, this one is the most common and is picking up some major steam in the SEO world. It’s the art of building links to your homepage with anchor texts that look like advertising rather than link building at the hands of an SEO. So for example anchor texts that say “click here”, “find out more”, or “learn today.” These generic call-to-action type anchor texts help you show Google your links are more natural due to traditional media buys and advertising.

These 3 techniques all have to do with what Google’s Penguin updates and refreshes have been targeting, an over-manipulation of SERPs through anchor-text focused link building. For example, an SEO going after rankings for the term “cheap car insurance” by building hundreds of backlinks with the specific anchor text of “cheap car insurance.” These techniques mentioned above are all about increasing the rankings for your site by doing exactly opposite of what most SEOs currently do. Exactly opposite of what Google will expect.

These link building techniques require patience and they require a budget. You’ll still want to build your anchor text focused links, but you now have to be much more subtle and patient in doing so. Use these 3 techniques to help you diversify and drown out your anchor text focused link building. Good luck!

Nicole is a blog writer for eBrandz, a search engine optimization company. See how they can help you increase your revenues by using their proprietary white hat SEO tactics.