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3 Things Donald Trump Teaches Us About Video Marketing

Donald Trumps recent “major announcement” offering $5 million to a charity of President Barack Obama’s choice if he releases his Passport and College records. This video teaches us 3 very important lessons about effective online video marketing.

1. No Special Equipment Required

This video doesn’t contain any special lighting, camera angles, backdrops etc. And as you can tell the camera isn’t all that great either. Instead Donald Trump is focused far more on the substance of his presentation and with 3 Million views and counting… I think he’s getting the job done don’t you think?

2. No Special Editing or Effects Required

No cool transitions, digital effects, special intros etc. Just Mr. Trump in front of the camera with a few cuts throughout the video. It’s interesting how people are so caught up in his content that they probably never thought of how poorly edited the video actually is.

3. Being Disruptive and Controversial

The nature of this video is so┬ádisruptive, so controversial, that you can’t help but watch the thing all the way through even though he repeats himself over and over.

What did you think of Donald Trumps recent video? Did you like it? Do you think a non-celebrity like you and I could create buzz on YouTube in a similar way?