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Written on March 13, 2014  /  with no comments  /  in the Political category.

Online Marketing: The Single Reason Why Conservatives Don’t Win More Elections!

With how good the business world is at online marketing, it has always been fascinating to me how terrible the political world is it online marketing. They pretend to be effective at it of course. Just follow your State Senator on Twitter and you’ll see what I mean. Lots of Tweets but no substance. This discrepancy between these two worlds and how they do and do not use organic online marketing is my inspiration for writing this post. Many of you who know me know how passionate I am about politics, so I thought I would share these observations with you. What if the political world used Online Marketing as effectively as the business world does? Just imagine how much more effective one could be politically if social media, content marketing and SEO were used effectively! The possibilities are endless! Especially considering the fact that inside Politics are topics that […]

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