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Written on December 29, 2014  /  with no comments  /  in the Productivity category.

7 Productivity Hacks I Will Be Testing in 2015

What are you going to do in 2015 that will make you more productive than ever before? What efficiencies are you going to develop to help you better balance your personal and professional life? What specific strategies and tactics do you plan on employing? How do you plan on getting more done in less time? These are the questions I typically ask myself leading up to each new year. I ask myself these because the concepts of better productivity and better efficiency are always haunting me. I improve each year only to find myself responsible for more people and more things. Does this problem sound familiar to you? If so, read on. 1. Only checking email twice per day Setting up two time slots in your calendar each day for checking and responding to email. Set a timer and give yourself no more than 30 minutes for each time slot. […]

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